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1950's Elvis Presley Costumes

The fastest growing costume genre for fancy dress parties is that of the 50s and early 60's. Coming out of the doldrums of war and seeing austerity and rationing passing out of everyday life, the world was strating to look like it was full of optimism and colour. And the best of it all, Rock and Roll and the whole pop era was just around the corner. With this background it's easy to see why party goers and party throwers continually look to the 1950's and 1960's for party ideas and inspiration.

And most popular outfit from the time is an Elvis costume. Born Elvis Aaron Presley in January 1935 he is known simply as Elvis or either 'The King of Rock and Roll' or more succinctly and for his of fans, simply 'The King'. Presley began his career singing rockabilly which is an up tempo mix of country and rhythm and blues and soon became one of the earliest exponents of rock and roll. Inducted a record number of times into the Music Hall of Fame his death at an early age of only 42 shocked and stunned his legions of fans worldwide.

OK, that's the history lesson over. The reality of it is that Elvis is a figure who appears to grow more popular with each passing year. Costumes of the King of Rock and Roll are always in high demand and this has been further fuelled by both Stag Night parties and, more lately, cricket fans where you commonly see a whole groups of Elvis costumes - and that's before you have a drink.

Throughout his life Elvis had a distinctive style. His hair was always well groomed and in his later life he grew distinctive wide sideburns. He was also known for his outlandish stage outfits and lastly he became known for his trademark sunglasses. Any or all of these would identify your character as Elvis.

At Karnival Costumes we have a wide selection of Elvis costumes including outfits ranging from the more expensive which are perfect for impersonators and talent shows, to those which are great value for a night out or even a trip to the local karaoke. Teamed with a wig, and again these vary in price according to quality, and a pair of Elvis's trademark sunglasses, a dummy microphone, a couple of big costume rings, a couple of 'aha's' and you can't go wrong. If you don't want to invest in a costume, skinny fit jeans, white tee, black jacket swept back black hair or wig, stick-on sideburns and you have early Elvis.

For those looking to achieve a more mature, mid-late 1960's Elvis look, ditch the jeans and go for wide flared bottom trousers, plain or patterned shirt with 'jumbo' collar, costume jewellery, swept back hair or Elvis wig plus bigger stick-on sideburns. Add sunglasses to provide the finishing touch completing the look and transformation.

And there are a number of Elvis costumes specifically for children so that they can feel just like the King of Rock and Roll. Again, add the sunglasses, dummy microphone, costume jewellery and if suitable a wig and you get the finished and completed look. Great for school talent shows as well as themed birthday parties.

If the thought of being Elvis is off-putting, you don't have to miss out on the fun as there are any number of styles that you could pick from. Guys can wear jeans with turn-ups, white tee and swept back 'greased' hair style and ladies can become either a 50's vamp with clam digger trousers, tight jumper and chiffon scarf worn in the hair, or for a more gentle look a wide flared skirt with jumper. As with Elvis costumes, any good costume retailer will have a wide selection from you to choose from.
So wind up the karaoke find 'Jailhouse Rock' or 'Hound Dog', prepare to do damage to your hips and really let yourself go……!

We have a complete range of Elvis fancy dress and 50s costumes and accessories in our Rock and Roll section including both Elvis costumes and accessories. You will also find a selection of other 1950's favourite outfits including a soda pop waitresses costume. Accessories include everything Elvis including wigs, glasses, dummy microphones, costume jewellery and 'bling'. Feel free to browse our website to find what you need for your 1950's Rockabilly of Elvis themed party in stock and available for immediate delivery in the UK.

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