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A Knight’s Tournament Banquet Party Theme

Posted on 1st July 2014
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A Knight's Tournament Banquet Theme

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Can there be any better party theme for any little boy with a big imagination than a Knight’s Tournament Banquet?   Let your little knight dress up in a suit of shining armour for his special day and the day can be filled with rescuing damsels in distress or fighting fierce fire breathing dragons.  And when the rescuing and dragon slaying is all finished they can return to their castle where there will be time for tea and perhaps some tournament games.
Read on for some invitation, costume suggestions and decoration ideas for that perfect Knight’s Tournament Banquet birthday party. And like any party for any age, the level and degree of planning and preparation is usually linked directly to the overall success of the event. It’s not unusual to start the planning process anything up to 6 weeks beforehand so that you have ample time to get everything together.
Children are at their most imaginative between the ages of three and ten and opportunities for inter-active pretend play should be encouraged in-order to ensure healthy development of mind and body.  A Knight’s Tournament, although mainly associated with boys will also allow girls – or little princesses as they will be known to also enjoy the fun.
Before looking at the design and construction of the invitations to your party, we should spend a little time thinking about the timing of when you should be sending out the party invitations and we think it should be about three or four weeks before the party itself but spread the word earlier if it’s during the summer or holiday time. Experience tells us that invitations that arrive earlier can possibly be forgotten and those arriving later risk the receiver having already having plans for that day.
For the invitations it’s worth remembering that you are inviting your guests to a Knight’s Banquet and therefore the summons or invitation should definitely look the part. We have other publications which look at creating invitations for princess and pirate parties and we can use some of those techniques when creating invitations to a Royal Banquet. 
Let’s start with the paper, we think that parchment or regal type paper, either printed or hand-written in a flowing handwriting style or font would fit the bill perfectly.  If you cannot find a suitable paper in your local; store, it’s possible to make simulated aged parchment by using heavyweight paper and then aging it by staining it in a weak tea solution. To create a few darker age spots, sprinkle a few, but not to many granules of coffee on the paper when it’s still damp – these will dissolve gradually with the remaining dampness in the paper and this will make it spread. Dry the paper with a weight on top to retain a flat surface.
Having created and written, or printed, your invitations you will need to present them in the right way.  You simply cannot imagine royal invitations being folded and then sent out in the post. No surely they deserve the best treatment and we suggest rolling them and using red ribbon and sealing wax imprinted with a royal seal – which can be made using a small coin (unusual foreign coin works best).
And if you need help creating the wording for your invitations, then a good idea is to detail what the invitation needs to state such as;
name of guest
name of party giver,
reason for the party,
date and time,
and should also include any fancy dress theme or dress code if you want everyone to dress up. 
Lastly, you’ll need to keep a track on how many people to cater for and who to chase up to see if they are coming so include an RSVP address or contact details.
And once this has been established, you’ll need to convert it into suitable language as befitting royal invitations; the sample below might give you some idea;
“Hear ye, Hear ye [guest’s name]
By order of his (or her) Royal Majesty King (or Queen) [hosts name] you are invited to a Knight’s Banquet and Tournament to be given on the occasion of the sixth anniversary of the birth of their loyal knight Sir Charles of Essex [ or other reason]
To be held at; [location] on [date and time] 
For both boys and girls knights and princesses costumes will always be favourite in any dressing up box and if you’re looking for suitable outfits, here at Karnival Costumes we’ve lots to choose from all of which are sure to become the ‘go to’ outfit and first out of the box and sure to provide hours of fun and enjoyment and adventures!  And to make sure that your party goes perfectly with nobody feeling left out, a small selection of suitable costume accessories, swords, tiara, crowns, shields and royal robes will ensure that everyone gets to join in and any left over can always be added to the dressing up box.
For decorations at your Medieval Knights Banquet, the best colours will be silver, grey, red and white. If using balloons in bunches to brighten your party area, then using silver and white with a spot of red tied with grey, silver and red curled balloon ribbon will create a regal look. If you have access to the internet you’ll be able to find royalty free and colourful shields, print these out mount them on card board; cut them out and create your own round table banquet.
And if you can find some blank shield outlines, a few cheap boxes of coloured pencils or crayons and you should get at least a few minutes peace as your guests create their own shield designs. This can be a great way of winding things down before they eat, plus the crayons and their shield can become part of their party goody bag to which you can add anything knight or dragon themed for the boys and princess themed for the girls.
It’s well known that everyone loves the opportunity to raid their dressing up box and get into some fancy dress and the party mood ready for some fun. And selecting a Knight’s Banquet offers adults a way of introducing children, through interactive learning experiences, to the medieval period and the way that lives were lived back in that period of history.   
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