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Academy Awards - It's Time to Party!

Posted on 6th January 2014
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Academy Awards - It's Time for a Hollywood Party

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Everyone has heard of the Oscars, the mega-star event hosted by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences every year to reward the leading lights in the movie industry.  Many of us follow it on TV and some even stage their own awards parties so that they can be part of the fun. In fact, a Hollywood Party Theme can be one of the most impressive, as well as one of the easier themes to pull off well. Most people already have many “props” that can be used to make the party area, or should we call it the “set”, look convincing.
Hollywood Photo Prop - UA748673
The most important thing you need to remember is that planning is essential to ensuring that your Hollywood party theme is perfect.  This is the same for any party and it should include everything from the guest list and invitations to the food and drink that will need to be catered.
Your first consideration should be to address the overall structure of your Hollywood party as it’s such a broad topic. Unless you are planning to hold your own Oscars Awards Party, you could choose to host a party based on your favourite movie or even your favourite movie set or scene.
Here are some party planning ideas for you to consider for your own Hollywood Party:

Hollywood Party Invitations

Although the modern trend is to create a Facebook Event Page and it’s a great way of letting people see all of the guests that have been invited and who are planning to attend, you can’t beat the feeling of receiving a personal invitation! So perhaps you could do both for your VIP guests.
Classic Hollywood party invitations would be on a cut out of an Oscar statue or if you’ve chosen a particular movie, then perhaps cutout of the hero or villain! If you want your guests to arrive in suitable movie costumes, then you should remember to let them know on the invite.  

Hollywood Party Costumes

There is a huge range of affordable movie fancy dress costumes which are based on most of the popular and blockbuster movies and those which are fully licensed costumes will be closely based on the actual film designs. Internet shopping is a great way to find the movie costume and equally as importantly, the accessories to ensure you have a suitable outfit.
If you’ve chosen to stage a Hollywood Awards party or Oscars Night, then this should be a black tie event allowing the ladies an opportunity to once again wear their finest outfit. And if you don’t have anything suitable, then something suitable can normally be found at either a charity shop or thrift store.  And for the joker in the pack – and there will always be one, there is now an all-over gold bodysuit which is perfect for the one who wants to be the Oscar Award itself – and perhaps taken home by the leading lady?
If you’ve chosen a theme based on a specific movie, then unless you‘ve planned it like a military expedition, you can expect to see many variations of the same film character.  If this is likely, you could consider offering your own award for the best or funniest.

Hollywood Party Decorations

This is where you can really get your own Hollywood theme party to sparkle and offer your guests a truly memorable party experience. And by being creative, it needn’t cost a fortune.
  • For any Hollywood movie party, a Red Carpet is a must have. This should be used to either lead up to your front door or from the door to your party area. At the end of it, it’s a great idea to have a photo opportunity against a Hollywood themed backdrop. You could, for little money, buy a Hollywood Photo Prop which allows your guests to pose with their heads through it – creates a super set of pictures which can be posted to social media.
  • Use ‘Celebrities Only’ party tape to control the movement of guests around the party area and to add a touch of decoration outside, perhaps on either side of the red carpet.
  • The best colours for your awards ceremony are black and gold which add an air of opulence and luxury to any party and they work well with any film stars, real or otherwise.  There are a number of themed Hollywood decorations which incorporate these colours including hanging cascades which will instantly add a lift to any corner.  It’s possible to also get balloons in these colours and these allow you to quickly add glamour to the room, even if they are left on the floor.
  • If you have a particular movie theme in mind, add some related movie posters around the walls. Or if it’s a more general Hollywood party theme how about some five foot wide Movie related signs – at around £3.00 for 4 pieces, this is instant impact for shoestring money.  
  • As an alternative to using a red carpet, or in addition to it, create you own Hollywood Walk of Fame with peel and place Star Decorations which can be written on to include your guest’s names. This also provides another great party photo opportunity.
  • Add a few director’s chairs, clapper boards and fake movie cameras to create an interesting focal point.
And Karnival Costumes is the best place to get low cost Hollywood Party Decorations!
Dummy Movie Camera for Hollywood OSCAR Parties - UN7BA486

Hollywood Themed Party Music

Downloading the soundtrack to your selected movie would be an obvious choice and a great starting point. To this you could add some more general, and instantly recognisable, hit tunes from the movies.  If you’re making your own compilation (okay: mash-up), you could return to your chosen movie tune as a recurring theme every four or five songs.

Hollywood Party Food and Drink

Finger buffet food is ideal for Hollywood theme party.  This can be traditional or if you have a selected movie, you could theme the food to that and rename everything accordingly – this works best if you can make some food labels which should be in keeping with the chosen theme.  Real “A-Listers” will expect to be served and if you are able, then this is a great way to add a touch of class to the proceedings
The obvious choice of drink for your typical Hollywood “A-lister” is Champagne.  Served chilled it’s probably best to have glasses and Champagne in iced coolers around the room.  To add a real sparkle to the room, you could invest in hiring a professional cocktail maker for the evening as this will provide a show as well as smooth cocktails for your guests! For something more manageable, most supermarkets now offer a free glasses loan when you purchase your alcohol from them, overall this can represent quite a saving.

Hollywood Party Memories

These are what any party are really made of and they become more important as time goes by and friends drift apart. So use every possible opportunity to take photos of your guests and use social media to share them.  Remember also to thank your guests if they’ve taken the trouble to wear fancy dress.
If you create a Facebook event for the party, why not also create a Facebook Group as this will enable you and all your guests to upload photos and even videos taken during the party. Everybody can be “tagged” ensuring that you will have a permanent reminder of the event, even if you do end up drinking too much of that Champagne!
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