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Beetlejuice Costumes A Terror'ific Party Theme
This free to read article looks at the blockbuster movie Beetlejuice and why it makes a great costume party theme at Halloween or at any time! Extract:  Something strange is happening in a quaint little New England cottage. Malevolent forces have taken it over and it's once peaceful existence has been suddenly shattered, transforming it overnight into a version of a living hell. The storyline behind the blockbuster movie Beetlejuice provides a novel twist... READ MORE on why Beetlejuice Costumes are a Terror'ific Part Theme
This article discusses one of the world's most famous performers - Elvis King of Rock and Roll. Extract: The fastest growing costume genre for fancy dress parties is that of the 1950's and early 1960's. Coming out of the doldrums of war and seeing austerity and rationing passing out of everyday life, the world looked full of optimism and colour. And the best of it all, Rock and Roll and the whole pop era was just around the corner... Read More on The King of Rock and Roll - Elvis Presley and why this is a super costume theme...
FAB Thunderbirds are Go!
Trace the history of Thunderbirds the supermarionation series based on the activities of International Rescue. Extract: Early 1960's children craved action adventures and a trip to the Saturday morning picture show was eagerly awaited as a highlight of the week. Excited to find out what would happen to your favourite hero in this week's installment following the previous week's cliffhanger ending, you could barely contain yourself and households all over Britain...  READ MORE on why Thunderbirds are Truly FAB
History of Batman
This article looks at the history and appeal of Batman.  Extract: From his earliest adventures in comic books few characters have grabbed the attention of the public like Batman. From the humble beginnings as a comic book hero through memorable television shows and movies few characters have captured the public's imagination the way that Batman has... READ MORE on the History of Batman and why he continues to make a great themed costume party...
The Appeal of Geisha Fancy Dress
This article looks at the growth of interest in all things Geisha.  Extract: With an increase in demand for Geisha fancy dress costumes for both adults and children, we thought we establish why there has been an explosion of interest in Japanese geishas.  It all appears to stem from a combination of Japan being more in the news as well as from “Memoirs of a Geisha” ... READ MORE on the appeal of the Geisha costume costume party...
History of Superman
This article looks at the history and undying appeal of Superman.  Extract: Superman is a fictional character and is probably the most famous, and popular, comic book hero of all time. He is the first real fictional superhero of modern time although many see it as if he was from a more chivalrous era. He is the creation of Siegel and Shuster who created the character of Superman in the 1930's marking his first appearance in print in Action Comics #1... READ MORE on the History of Superman and why he continues to make a great themed costume party...
Scarecrow Vampire Fangs Fitting Instructions
This is a hardcopy version of the fitting instructions for Scarecrow Vampire Fangs, the leading manufaccturer of quality dental veneers.  READ MORE on Fitting Your Scarecrow Vampire Fangs and how they will help you create the absolute best in Halloween costume appearance...
Scarecrow Zombie Tooth Paint and Blood Kit Instructions
This is a hardcopy version of how to get the best out of your Scarecrow Zombie Tooth Paint and Mouth Blood Kit. Scarecrow are the leading manufacturer of quality dental veneers and othetr Halloween products.  READ MORE on Using Your Scarecrow Zombie Dental Make-Up and how it will help you create the absolute best in Halloween zombie costume appearance...