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Batman Costume Birthday Party Ideas

Posted on 7th July 2013
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Clown Logo for Karnival Costumes your fancy dress specialistsEver since he burst onto the scene during the 1930’s Batman has been enthralling children of all ages as the original caped crusader. From his creation and through to day people have been creating costumes so that they can pay homage to the forces of good.
Originally these costumes and even now there is a good availability of professional created sewing patterns covering both Batman and his favourite opponents, these can be found through any good haberdashers or alternative through the internet. At the beginning there were only homemade alternatives and obviously the quality of these varied considerably but nowadays and for the benefit of busy parents and party goers everywhere, there is an increasing array of pre-made Superhero fancy dress costumes including Batman and his enemies. And everytime a new Batman movie emerges from the franchise new costume designs are being added to the list of those available.
With the increased availability of these Batman fancy dress costumes and accessories, the task of putting together a themed Batman fancy dress party is therefore not as difficult as you might at first think as these costumes are not difficult to find either in party shops or through the internet in their superhero range. With the continued growth in popularity of the whole Batman party theme a complete range of Batman party supplies including invitations, tablewares, printed balloons etc and again these can also be found easily on the internet. For a birthday party add a cake either, shaped and decorated like the Batman character, or more simply with the iconic Batman insignia. Increasing in popularity recently is having individual cupcakes and again these are usually topped with the insignia.
If the idea of a shop bought party invitations doesn’t appeal, then the simplest way of creating your own is by using plain black stock card and cutting this out into the iconic batwing shape by tracing around a template. Alternatively you could cut the card into the classic Batman oval and then sticking a internet downloaded and printed insignia – usually in yellow with black accents.  With either of these you can use a metallic silver or gold ink roller pen or more simply either a yellow pencil or even w white chalk pencil to write out your party details not forgetting to let your guests know whether you expect them to wear fancy dress.  
If you’re planning a fancy dress party, unless your idea of fun is to have everyone dressed the same as Batman or Batgirl a little forward planning will be required. We would suggest that either the party host or the guest of honour have the Batman/Batgirl costume reserved for them. For the remainder of your guests, Batman is just one of the increasing list of superheroes and villains so it is fairly easy to achieve a degree of balance at your superhero party by requesting your guests to come as their own favourite superhero or villain.
Party Activities
If you're planning a birthday party for children you will need to plan some activities that will help you fill the time;
The Riddler Fancy Dress Costume from Kanival Costumes your fancy dress specialistIf you’re lucky enough to be able to plan an outside party for children then give them the chance to burn off some excess energy why not give them the chance to feel like the hero of the hour by providing them with any enemy to battle. So why not join in the fun by dressing up as an evil super villain for the little ones to chase and beat. And if this is likely to be too much for you, why not rope in one of the other parents to tackle the role.  From our experience it’ll certainly be a noisy game to play but something guaranteed to burn off any excess energy.
As an alternative to chasing the villain, you could always create a hide and seek style of activity.  In advance of the party, you will need to create a number of hide-outs for the villains. In each of these hide a balloon with the villains face on it and before you inflate it, push a few sweets into it so that it has both a little weight and a treat. Once someone has found a ‘villain’ they should return to the superhero’s base so that all your guests have a chance.
If being outside is not a possibility, then for something less energetic we have a couple of tried and tested ideas. Again both will require a little planning but carefully prepared they will provide entertainment and keep even the youngest party guest amused for a reasonable period. 
Superhero Masks: You’ll require a number of pre-cut mask shapes made from either stiff paper or thin card. We would suggest that you have plenty of spares to allow for those go wrong. Your guests can design their own superhero or villain mask and these can either be painted or coloured with pens or crayons and for the girls you could even add some glitter accents. If you are really brave you can use paints but we would suggest that if you do, you put lots of paper or play mats down first.  Keep a roll of thin elastic top hand so that the completed masks can be finished when dry. Sometimes quiet, most time noisy with plenty of chatter, this is a pleasant activity which should lower the excitement level should you want to do so before feeding them! You can include the completed results in their goody bag.
Utility Belts: For something more challenging and more suited to older children why not let them have a go at creating their own Batman utility belt or superhero weapons. To ensure that you have a good idea of what’s required, we would suggest that you have a trial run making one yourself, this can be used by your guests as a pattern or at least inspiration. Having gone through the process yourself, you’ll have a good idea as to whether your guest will be able to handle the project. The basic utility belt consists of a standard belt with a number of added pockets and loops in which the weapons are kept.  You can make the pockets from a number of household items, we favour the individual portion cereal packet which can, if opened carefully even have a closing flap. For younger children, you may want to make these in advance. We also love the idea of including adding cardboard tubes into the loops. For the belts and other bits, your local charity or thrift store should allow you to find a variety of the right sized belts and your arts and craft shop will be a source of a variety of bits and pieces including foam card, thinner card and tapes with which to make the various sized pockets for the belt itself.
Food and Drink
We would suggest that simple finger buffet food would be sufficient although if you want to go the extra mile, it might be worth thinking up unique names for each item and you could write these on sandwich flags and you could add some cut out ‘Biff’, ‘Bash’, ‘Pow’ tags which can also be used on the buffet plates. Similarly, you can pint your own Batman Drinks labels and use these to replace the manufacturers wrapped branding label.  For a more organised buffet time, you could sit your guests down to watch either some Batman Cartoons or perhaps episodes from the original TV series.
Batman themed parties are a great treat as lots of children love the idea of dressing up as a superhero. For the fancy dress you have the option of making one using a bought professional costume pattern, or alternatively buying or hiring one. With the advent of mass production and global licensing deals, nowadays it is probably easier to buy a costume than rent one and the price difference is probably minimal.
Example of the Batman Costume Accessories available at Karnival Costumes
At Karnival Costumes we stock a huge selection of Batman costumes for both adults and children and these are available in a range of designs including Batgirl as well as a range of super-villains. We also stock a selection of masks, Batman props such as 'Batarangs', Batman Utility Belt (if you don't want to make one) and Batman Gloves
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