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Batman Villain Costumes - Poison Ivy

Posted on 21st November 2014
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Batman Villain Costumes - Poison Ivy

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During his career, Batman has made some notable enemies and one of the prettiest is Poison Ivy. It's a real shame that the pretty Pamela Isley became the way she did, but the way her professor seduced her and the injected her full of poisons and toxins, it’s really no wonder that she turned out the way she did.
Full of poisons she became the creepiest of all creepers as she turned into a plant like menace to society and after she moves from her home in Seattle, especially that of Gotham City! Once the transformation was under way, from her envious position of coming from a wealthy family, her boyfriend mysteriously passes away and she drops out of school and her new persona of Poison Ivy starts to fully emerge.
Poison Ivy Costume from Karnival CostumesHaving made the move to Gotham City, Poison Ivy threatens to release toxic spores unless she has her extortion demands met. Clearly, as we are talking Gotham City there is only one caped crusader who will be able to save the day – Batman, another new comer to the cityscape.
With a few tricks up her delightfully pretty sleeves, she is able to use her specially devised potions to make others fall in love with her and this means that she easily manages to stay at large. That is until Batman stops her and once arrested and charged we find Poison Ivy locked away inside a mental institution for the criminally insane. Like a few other of his villains which we will come to another time.   
Over the years, Poison Ivy's plant-like powers develop until she is super human. One of her weapons is the fact that her lips are poison, so she is the only one of the Batman villains who can literally give the 'kiss of death.' But if she gave you a second kiss, this would be the antidote saving your life.

The character of Poison Ivy was introduced in the Batman comics as a more villainous female character when people began to identify with Catwoman and even sympathize with her. The introduction of Poison Ivy gave readers and audiences another sexy female nemesis but one which they could hate. Clothed in leaves, with flaming flower bedecked red hair, Poison Ivy was one of the greatest villains that Batman ever had.
So if you’re inclined to the villainous side of the Batman story and you’ve a costume party to attend, what could be a better costume suggestion that a Poison Ivy fancy dress with its overall sexy appearance the perfect femme fatale! With its stunning and sassy dark green layered halter-neck dress which comes with a pair of sexy long glovelets the whole outfit is completed withy an ivy leaf headpiece and a matching ivy leaf boa to wear around your shoulders.  Now  all you have to do is decide whether they get the second kiss or not!
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