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Beetlejuice Costumes - A Terror'ific Theme For Your Next Party

Something strange is happening in a quaint little New England cottage. Malevolent forces have taken it over and it's once peaceful existence has been suddenly shattered, transforming it overnight into a version of a living hell.

The storyline behind the blockbuster movie Beetlejuice provides a novel twist on the normal ghost story which would see ghostly beings inhabiting the house and the living seeking a way of getting rid of the uninvited intruder; rather in this version of events, it's the ghosts who were at home and the uninvited presence are real human beings! Well, to para-phrase a well kniown expression, if you found yourself as the ghostly presence being hounded by the living; Who you gonna call?

Well don't bother with Ghostbusters in this situation as they'll be the wrong team for what you want.

In the hit comedy film Beetlejuice, when all else fails and rather than being scared away by your own inept attempts at spectral haunting the humans who have invaded your home see that having their own ghostly presence as the ultimate in New England chic, you're gonna call Beetlejuice or more correctly, Betelgeuse.

So who is Betelguese? He's a freelance 'bio-exorcist, possession and haunting specialist'. He's also extremely repugnant and vulgar. Oh, and you will immediately regret calling him in to help.

In addition to offering us the ability to dress and behave like the main character Bettlejuice with his iconic white suit with black stripes, or is it a black suit with white stripes? The film offers us a chance to model our costumes on any of the whacky undead characters or on the Deetzes, the world's most obnoxious yuppie family, think 80s costumes with power shoulders and huge mobile phones, who the now newly deceased Maitlands are attempting to evict from their home even if this does mean summoning up the main character Beetlejuice for assistance.

Unless it's for a Beetlejuice convention when sticking strictly to the rules will be the order of the day, it is possible to create a great party theme around the movie. It even allows for those who don't usually want to get fully into the spirit of dressing up to be involved as with the Deetzes with their yuppie sharp suits, briefcases and large cell phones or their daughter - a self-styled gothic character, think Madonna leggings net skirt etc but in black.

At Karnival Costumes we have a selection of Bettlejuice costumes and combined with our specially selected costume accessories, wigs and make-up you can create your own extremely realistic Beetlejuice fancy dress effect. All of our costumes are fully licensed by Warner Bros and related license holders.  If you would rather be one of the undead then a good zombie costume or better still a prawn suit (for why, you'll need to see the movie) will be perfectly in order.

So if you want to create something strange in your neighbourhood and you don't just fancy calling for Ghostbusters, call all of your friends and have yourself a Beetlejuice themed party and why not be friendly and invite those men in khaki jumpsuits with their whiz bang ghost zapping proton packs over for a chat!