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Chinese New Year 2016

Posted on 27th December 2015
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Chinese New Year 2016 – The Year of the Monkey!

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The first day of the 2016 Chinese New Year is February 8, 2016 in China's time zone. This is the year of the Fire Monkey and in keeping with the Chinese calendar, this is the new moon day, and is the first day of the first Chinese lunar month in their Lunar Calendar system. 
As a rule of thumb, the fact that the date of Chinese New Year varies within about a month is a clue to the fact that it’s linked to the new moon. An almost infallible guide to the actual timing is that the Chinese New Year follows the second new moon after the winter solstice. As the winter solstice always falls on December 21st, the next new moon is on January 10th, 2016, and the second new moon is on February 8th, 2016.
2016 is the Year of the Fire Monkey, fire being the dominant element this year. (Other elements are wood, metal, water and earth).
Fire brings huge energy and determination to the Monkeys. They strive to gain the upper hand and they like nothing better than being at the top of the tree. Being recognised for their achievements gives them greater job satisfaction than monetary reward.
In business terms they are good negotiators, persuasive and organised, but they can get caught out by taking risky shortcuts. Fire monkey women, will be willing to give up their own wealth or dreams to raise their family and to ensure their spouse and children are successful.
There is an ancient Chinese saying that relates to those born to the Fire Monkey; "The further up the tree a Monkey goes, the more you see his bottom." If they use their talents and energy well, they can be extremely successful and popular with all.
As we’ve said above, 2016 is the year of the Monkey. It is the known as Fire Hóu or in the west, the year of the Fire Monkey. Fire is the third of the ten celestial stems and Hóu (Monkey) is the ninth of the twelve terrestrial branches.
The Chinese New Year celebrations are the biggest and most elaborate in the Chinese world with the New Year celebrations lasting for 15 days until the Chinese Lantern Festival. Traditionally, each of these 15 days has a specific meaning and we’ll look at these later but we’ll start with the day of the Chinese New Year Eve which is set aside for family reunion with most people remaining awake until they hear the sound of firecrackers welcoming in the Chinese New Year. On the Chinese New Year Day, people like to greet each other with the expression Gong Xi Fa Chai, which has a literal translation of "congratulations and make a fortune".
The second day of Chinese New Year is the Son-in-Law Day which sees newlywed married women returning to their parental homes on this day where they all feast on a celebration lunch. The third day of Chinese New Year celebrations is the Mice Wedding Day a day when people go to bed early and in farming circles, they will leave food in the corner for the mice to eat. The fourth day of Chinese New Year is the Welcome Home Day to the God of the Stove with more celebration foods and firecrackers. The fifth day of Chinese New Year is the Welcome God of Wealth Day and lots of business stores and operations like to reopen on this day. The sixth day of Chinese New Year is the Clear-Water Master Day.
The seventh day of Chinese New Year is The Human Day although few Chinese celebrate on this day and simple meals are the order of the day. The eighth day of Chinese New Year is The Completion Day, on this day everyone should be back at work and things should be back to normal with foods prepared for the holidays should be finished up. The ninth day of Chinese New Year is the Birthday of Jade Emperor, King of Heaven. The tenth day of Chinese New Year is The Eating Day which is an extension of the feasting associated with Jade Emperor birthday. The eleventh day of Chinese New Year is The Break Day when nothing is planned. The twelfth day of Chinese New Year is The Diarrhea Day, well with all the feasting it was likely to happen! And yes, this really is the 12th days title. The 13th day of Chinese New Year is The Death Anniversary of Kuan Yu who is treated by most as the God of Wealth. The 14th day of Chinese New Year is The Lantern Decoration Day and the 15th day of Chinese New Year is The Lantern Festival. The Chinese New Year Festival will end at Chinese Lantern Festival.
The preparation to celebrate the Chinese New Year festival begins around 8th day of 12th lunar month which means that it takes around three weeks to prepare for the celebrations and at Karnival Costumes we have a variety of Chinese themed party decorations along with Chinese costumes for adults and children along with any required costume accessories which will allow you to hold your own New Year celebrations.
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