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Choosing a Safe Costume Weapon for Your Child

Posted on 19th June 2013
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So you’re sitting discussing this years kids Halloween costume with your children and they let you know that they just must have that Ninja Costume or Soldier Fancy Dress and, of course, it just won’t be acceptable without the correct amount of fake costume weapons.

Hundreds of people face the same dilemma each year and with recent well publicised events, the consideration grows ever more weighty. From nunchucks and throwing stars to guns and pretend hand grenades, there is a huge variety of fake weapons being sold to go with both everyday party and Halloween costumes today. So, how do you choose one that will be safe for your child to carry with them especially if they plan to go trick or treating at Halloween? Although the level of realism may not be a problem when they are enjoying dress-up play in the garden or backyard, when they are out trick or treating some extra thought and care should be exercised in selecting the right costume accessories. Here are our thoughts and some tips you might want to follow to help you pick the right fake weapon for your child's Halloween costume.

No Guns, Knives or Daggers EVER!  No-one wants to see anyone wielding a gun or a knife around in the half-light of the evening and undoubtedly the papers will be carrying more stories of people being stopped (rightly) by the Police for carrying what could easily be mistaken for the real thing. We believe that the “Better to be Safe than Sorry” approach will be best on this issue.

Pirate Pistols:  Okay, even we would concede that pirate pistols, when worn with a pirate’s costume are probably the exception to the no guns rule. Make sure that they can be seen as being made from plastic and that they have a bright orange or red band around the barrel muzzle. As an added safety measure, its best if they are worn in the belt or attached to any shoulder strap.

Costume Swords:  If you’re thinking about a costume with a sword, make sure that it can easily be seen to be made of plastic and not metal. Make sure that the tip is rounded so you can avoid any accidental damage and it’s a good idea for the sword to have a sheath which should be attached to the costume on a belt or even stitched to the side. Some Ninja Swords will have crossed sheaths worn on the back.Ninja Nunchaku Fighting Weapons - 30cm

Nunchucks:  It should be obvious that children should never be allowed to run around with the real think and besides there are plenty of good quality plastic or foam sets which make for a safer alternative. One way of limiting youthful exuberance in swinging these around is to make sure that they can be attached to the costume.

Martial Arts Weapons: Our recommendation would be that you choose weapons that can be sheathed or attached to the actual costume. Remember, these weapons are more for creating the look and feel of being a Ninja and not about being used on other people!

The easiest and safest solution is to plan to keep the weapons to a minimum for Trick or Treating and don’t forget to check with the your child’s school on their policy on dress-up weapons as some schools do not allow weapons of any kind to be brought to school. It might even be worth going weapon free and although this will lead to some degree of rebellion, you could always use the try to convince them that they will have handfuls of treats by the end of the night so carrying anything else will be difficult. For our fuller discussion on Halloween Trick or Treating Safety, please refer to our other blog post.

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