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Christmas Tree Costumes

Posted on 11th December 2014
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Christmas Tree Costumes

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When it comes to thinking about the festive season, one of the first images that comes to mind is that of a beautifully decorated tree standing proud as the centre of attraction in the room. That said, the image that we conjure up for ourselves is, in fact, a fairly recent one for us with the Christmas Tree as we know it today only having been introduced and popularised during Victorian times. It was Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert who brought the idea to Britain from his native Germany.
An etching, published in the London Illustrated News of 1848 showed the Royal Family, Victoria, Albert and their children gathered around their Christmas Tree in Windsor Castle and from then on it’s popularity soared to the point where today, many houses have more than one decorated tree at Christmas and these are seen both indoors and out.
But other than being decorative, what was the significance of the tree during the period around Christmas? Looking back in history, Northern Europeans in a number of countries would often bring branches of cheery or hawthorn into the home around this time so that they would flower around Christmas.  For the poor however, this was beyond them and many made do with a wooden triangular tree which they decorated themselves.
These flowering branches or wooden trees were possibly meant to represent Paradise Trees and they had a role to play in the Miracle Plays that were acted out at churches on Christmas Eve. Although the timing was Christmas, in early church calendars of saints, the 24th December was Adam and Eve’s Day and the Paradise Tree was chosen to represent the Garden of Eden and the tree itself was often paraded around the town in advance of the play itself. These plays often ended with the prophecy of a saviour coming.
Nowadays we take for granted the fact that our trees will be strung with lights but it was probably the German Protestant reformer Martin Luther who first had the idea of using candles to decorate his own fir tree. The story going that so taken was he with the way that the stars appeared to play on the branches as he walked home that he saw the flickering candle flames as a way of bringing that beauty inside. Having seen many fires resulting from the use of candles, including the burning down of one hospital, it was with collective relief that the world greeted the first electric lights invented by Ralph Morris in 1895.
So that humble tree that stands out during all weathers during the rest of the year becomes one of the star attractions at Christmas and at Karnival Costumes we’ve a collection of Christmas Tree fancy dress costumes to suit all ages and both sexes. So if you’re looking to find the best selection of Xmas tree costumes to choose from this is the place to be.
Cute as a button Christmas Tree Dress for Girls
Reference: DQ024332
This is our cute Christmas Tree fancy dress costume for girls. Pretty enough for the festive dining table and fun enough to be at home at any Xmas party, this delightful outfit comprises of a sleeveless green dress which features a high rounded neckline which is decorated with a row of small gold stars.
Tinsel Christmas Tree Costume for Adults
Reference: AW0M4581
This is our Deluxe Tinsel Christmas Tree costume which will have you looking just like one of the early day tinsel trees which will twinkle in the light. Ideal for Christmas works parties or club nights and who knows, you might even find some presents around your feet if you stand still in the corner for long enough!




Adult Felt Christmas Tree Fancy Dress Costume for Adults - Childrens Size Available

Reference: UQ028265
Very affordable adult Christmas Tree fancy dress costume featuring a green shaped headpiece topped with a bright yellow star. Green Christmas tree shaped costume with attached gold tinsel and coloured stars and hearts. This is a unisex costume and a children’s sized version is also available.




Rasta Imposta Super Deluxe Christmas Tree Costume for Adults

Reference: AA007118
Premium quality Christmas Tree novelty fancy dress costume guaranteed to have you standing in the corner all night with plenty of presents being laid around your feet. This is an absolutely stunning Christmas Tree costume and comprises of a comical one piece green foam Xmas tree shaped lightly padded costume which covers the wearer's entire body and the head. 




Sassy Christmas Tree Costume for Teenagers and Young Ladies


Reference: UJ0C6144
Sassy Christmas Tree fancy dress costume for teenagers and young ladies featuring a short sleeved emerald green crop top with a round neckline which has white fur fabric trim. The hemline and the cuffs of the sleeves are cut to points and each of these points is delicately trimmed with gold braid and completed with a white feather pompom
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