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Corpse Bride Costumes - Halloween Costumes Explained

Posted on 18th August 2013
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Ghost Bride Blog Entry by Karnival Costumes
Karnival Costumes logo As we prepare ourselves for the upcoming Halloween season, we thought we’d take a closer look at some of the major Costume themes in a little more detail.  In this blog, we’ll take a look at one of the most popular of Halloween costume themes in recent years and one that is sure to remain amongst the most eagerly sought after;

Corpse Bride Costumes

As with most of the major blockbuster movies, the costume manufacturers are quick to bring to the market good quality licenced copies of the main character’s outfits and with The Corpse Bride it’s a real winner and it’s suitable for a number of costume party themes including Halloween. Available in both adult and child size and with a range of accessories including a distinctive wig, veil and dead bride bouquet the look can be completed perfectly.
But why the fuss? Well, the story of the Corpse Bride starring Johnny Depp is set in a gloomy Victorian era town which itself serves as a parody of aristocratic Europe. A nervous young man, Victor Van Dort, played by Depp, the son of rich parents has been promised in marriage to Victoria Everglot, daughter of aristocratic but bankrupt parents. Although apprehensive about an arranged marriage, when the couple meet the pair have an immediate attraction and fall in love.
At the wedding rehearsal, young Victor’s nerves get the netter of him and through a series of mishaps he finds himself banished until he has learnt his wedding vows. Wandering through the forest practicing his vows, he consistently blunders them until all at once he gets them right and in celebration and spying a tree with a hand shaped root, he places a wedding ring on it. Immediately he is grabbed and Emily, the Corpse Bride starts to emerge from the frozen earth beneath the tree, dressed in a ragged and aged wedding dress and at once she declares her vow “I do”. 
In attempting to escape this nightmare Victor makes it to the bridge that leads out of the forest, only to find the Corpse Bride already there. Upon fainting he is kissed by the Corpse Bride and the wedding ceremony is therefore completed. Upon waking, Victor finds himself amongst the dead in a drinking den. It is left to jazz singing Bonejangles and his group of musical skeletons to deliver the news of his marriage and how his bride was murdered on her own wedding day and how she had been waiting for her groom to come and find her. Having regained some composure, Victor runs from the pub only to be found by Emily who presents him with a live skeleton puppy dog called Scraps.
Corpse Bride Costumes from Karnival Costumes your Halloween SpecialistsUnder the pretense of introducing his bride to his parents, Victor tricks Emily and the elderly Elder Gutknecht into returning them both temporarily to the Land of the Living. Once back, however, Victor goes to see Victoria to inform her of what has happened and confess of his marriage to Emily. About to kiss, Emily discovers them and spirits him away to the Land of the Dead while Victoria is left to watch helplessly. Victoria unsuccessfully tries to convince the pastor and her parents of Victor’s plight and that he needs their help. Instead her parents are already planning to wed her to the presumed rich Lord Barkis Bittern. Although, and unbeknown to them, the evil Barkis intends to kill Victoria and make off with her fortune, which he mistakenly believes still exists.
In the Land of the Dead, betrayed and heartbroken, Emily reluctantly begins to think that maybe he and Victoria are meant for each as they are both in the Land of the Living whilst she is not. In remorse, Victor apologises for lying and misleading her only for this act to rekindle Emily's love for him in a more tender way and the pair start to fall in love. It is left to the newly deceased Mayhew, Victor’s coachman to bring him news of Victoria's engagement. 
Distraught, and thinking that Victoria is marrying Barkis willingly, Victor decides to make the best of his situation in the Land of the Dead and agrees to drink a draft of poison as part of an above-ground ceremony that will make his marriage to Emily official. The reason being that since the marriage vows bind the couple until "death do them part" and with Emily already dead, the marriage won't exist until Victor is also dead.
As Victoria and Barkis are being married, the residents of the Land of the Dead are preparing for a wedding of their own and storm the town in the midst of the marriage celebrations. In the ensuing chaos, the newly-wed Lord Barkis discovers his mistake in that Victoria is penniless. Meanwhile, the panic that has overtaken the entire village is quelled when both sides start to recognise departed loved ones and a temporary sense of happiness spreads from these reunions.
Victoria discovers Victor in the midst of the ceremony that will kill him. Emily sees Victoria watching them but in sadness is unable to bring herself to speak but realising that she is cheating Victoria of her happiness, she stops Victor from drinking the poisoned wine and gives him back. Now Lord Barkis interrupts the tender scene reminding the crowd that Victoria is still his wife and he moves in to remove her at sword point. Emily is shocked and horrified as she recognizes Barkis as the man who both jilted and murdered her long ago.
Victor tells Barkis to let her go and Barkis is about to kill him when Scraps bites Barkis' leg. A sword fight ensues between the two men and when Barkis corners Victor and is just about to finish him off, Emily rushes between them and blocks the blow, saving Victor's life. Seething, Emily orders Barkis to leave, which he smugly agrees to. But before leaving, he proposes a mock-toast to Emily, "always the bridesmaid, never the bride" and drinks the wine intended for Victor, not knowing of its poisoned contents, which kills him shortly afterward.
Corpse Bride Costume Wig from Karnival Costumes your Hallowen SpecialistsEmily explains to Victor and Victoria that it is clear that they belong together. When Victor protests that he had made a promise to Emily, she explains that he had already kept it by setting her free, and that now it was her turn. As she sorrowfully leaves the church she stops to throw her bouquet to Victoria, and as she reaches the threshold of the church, Emily finds ultimate peace and her body transforms into hundreds of butterflies which soar skywards towards the moon.
Victor and Victoria look upon the amazing sight together free to be married and live happily ever after together. The end. Now turn the lights out and GO to sleep!
No, we mean now start planning your own Corpse Bride party. With plenty of corpses and skeleton costume to choose from, including a Mr Bonejangles fancy dress, there’s no end of supporting character’s fancy dress costumes available at Karnival Costumes, your fancy dress specialists.
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