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Costume Theme? Why not Snow White and the Huntsman Costumes?

Posted on 18th July 2013
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Blog Banner for Need a Costume Theme? Why not a twist on the traditional with Snow White and the Huntsman Halloween Costumes from Karnival Costumes
Clown logop showing that you've reached the home of Karnival Costumes your fancy dress specialistsIt appears to us that the movie makers are playing safe and reworking tried and tested themes and giving them a more adult, more sophisticated and in most cases a darker feel. If you’re not sure what we’re on about, you only need to think about the recent success of the Amazing Spiderman, Batman and even Superman movies. And with each being a major box office success, it’s clear that as a viewing public we eagerly await their release.
And adding a darker, more adult feel to previously popular themes hasn’t stopped with comic book heroes with most of the popular children’s stories being retold and given high production values and storyline twists. So it was almost expected that the movie makers would turn their attention to the story of Snow White and rework it for an adult audience. And Snow White and the Huntsmen, the result of this reworking has quickly proved to be another blockbuster with viewers.
And where there is a movie success with an iconic wardrobe, the costume makers quickly follow and with its almost perfect blend of playfulness and sexiness making the film enjoyable both sexes, Snow White & the Huntsman offers you a fantastic theme and Halloween costume ideas.
The costumiers have been busy and have created fully licensed versions for all of the major characters from the film. 
For the lead character of Snow White, the licensed outfit has been designed to be both jaw droppingly attractive as well as demonstrating the kind of strength that Snow White shows herself to have in the film and once you’ve put this super movie costume, which comprises of a distressed dress, leggings and faux boots, your feel perfectly at home as Snow White.
And for those who want something warrior like, why not try Snow White’s suit of armour which is sure to have any Huntsman on his best behaviour. And for the man looking to woo Snow White there is a super Huntsman costume which has plenty of faux leather creating the perfect ruggedly handsome look which is just right for the man who ultimately falls in love with her.
Have a darker personality? Then why not try our Ravenna costume and while you need not have the same personality as her to pull it off, this is definitely a costume to show off the attractive qualities of a woman. Our Ravenna costume which will turn even the most pleasant into the perfect evil queen, comes with the perfect dark dress with attached collar sparking both fear and desire into every man’s heart. 
So let’s get into some serious Snow White and the Huntsman action this Halloween! And whilst you may not be able to run around with the seven dwarves, these Snow White & the Huntsman Halloween costumes are the perfect compliment for a solo act or with a group and just to get you in the mood in case you don't know what all of the fuss is about, we've included the official movie trailer to whet your appetite...
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