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Don’t let this be a miserable summer for English sports fans

Posted on 3rd July 2014
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Don’t let this be a miserable summer for English sports fans

Clown Logo of Karnival Costumes your Halloween specialists for Fancy Dress and Costume AccessoriesWith Andy Murray just having lost in straight sets at Wimbledon and with the English cricket team back in the pavillion before you could say that we’d performed well. With the England football team back in the country working on who next is going to pay them a million pounds a month and not to mention some crafty tactics messing with Lewis Hamilton’s mindset causing him to unexpectedly, by us at least, not to win the last two grand prix motor races, it’s not really the best time to be an English sports fan.
So whilst we were chomping lunch the other day we inevitably got round to discussing what it really meant to be an English sports fan. And our conclusion, at the end of a bloomin’ gloomy lunch break was that there were a few, very few for most of us, terrific highs and lots of nasty lows. Who knows perhaps we were spoilt by the 2012 Olympics and the glorious events around that time and perhaps we spread the golden halo from that to thickly over the World Cup disaster.  Perhaps they’ve all forgotten that it should be about the pride of pulling on a shirt for the country not about selling yourself in a shop window. And some of them looked like our new Subbuteo footballer costume and a lot less like our 1966 footballing legend costume.
Anyhow, from the gloom that was lunch, we went back to work convinced that no-one in their right mind would be buying a sports themed costume, yet alone continue to buy from our Football themed party goods, but we were wrong, very wrong. So it seems that although as a nation us English are down in the dumps, the Italians and Dutch and to a lesser extent the Germans continue to party their way along with the demand for Italian bandanas being particularly high along with Dutch football kits and should either of these teams continue to make progress towards the finals, we might just run out of stock. Party on guys!
And whilst we continue to struggle to get stock of our Harlem Globetrotter inspired basketball player costume, due back in stock towards the end of July, it seems that with Wimbledon being staged at the moment, our tennis player costume and John McEnroe wig set are unsurprisingly popular with both costume party addicts and Stag Night groups, perhaps it’s ‘Anyone for Dennis?’
And with the recent launch of the licensed WWE wrestling costumes there has been a sharp increase in the number of people wanting to dress up as with a traditional wrestler or as one of the Mexican Wrestlers who continue to entertain us with their masked antics, all in the name of sports entertainment don’t you know!.
There was a lot of discussion about women’s volleyball but we ended not sure whether that’s a sport or a late night men’s channel..!  Out of left field and all of a sudden, we started talking about boxing but again it was mainly the women’s boxer costumes that most had in mind, ever popular, does this mean that there’s a group of men who enjoy being punched as we sell more of the lady’s boxing fancy dress than we do for men… 
And lastly someone did again mention their love of American Football which reminded us that we have both men’s and women’s American Footballer costumes and a range of accessories including an inflatable ball and helmet with a real retro feel. And for those wanting a more modern helmet with their costume, we’re trying to source a costume helmet which is based on the current design, more on this when we secure it.
Just our thoughts over another lunchtime in the office and rather like our sporting achievements it had a few laughs and cheers, mostly I’m embarrassed to say, around the discussion on beach volleyball. Still the one thing we do know is that you’ll find a superb collection of sports costumes here on the shelves at Karnival Costumes.
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