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Easter Egg Colouring ideas for families

Posted on 22nd March 2016
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Easter Egg Colouring ideas

Colour your Easter!

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Eggs are a universal symbol of fertility and of new life and nothing says new life more than Springtime! Eggs are now the most readily identifiable symbol of the Easter holidays. Since pagan times there has been a custom of colouring eggs and this dates from a time when bright colours were a celebration of spring and the spring equinox.
Nowadays there is less importance applied to the celebration of the arrival of spring or the religious festival of Easter but the colouring of eggs lives on. Now an important tradition in lots of families around the world, the dying and decorating of eggs usually precedes either a fun-filled Easter Egg Hunt or the equally thrilling Egg Rolling competition.
So whether you’re dying your eggs with your kids or you simply want to create some decorations for the home, there are some basic artistic ideas that will help you join in with the Easter spirit and who knows, it may even be the start of a new family tradition in your household too!
Egg decorating doesn’t require many ingredients and it’s a very affordable pastime. Here’s a quick list of things you’ll need:
*       Hard boiled eggs
*       Colouring agents – food colours or natural dyes
*       White vinegar
*       Cooking oil
*       Kitchen gloves – to keep hands stain free
*       Small bowls
Food colourings are the easiest ways to dye your Easter eggs. For each colour, start with a cup of hot(ish) water and them combine ¼ teaspoon of food colour with 1 tablespoon of white vinegar. Mix and then simply allow your previously hard-boiled egg to sit in the solution until it has reached the shade of colour required. To avoid colouring your fingers, use a slotted spoon to move the eggs into and out of the bowl and back into an empty egg-box which will soak up any excess colouring.
If you want your eggs to have a shine use a little cooking oil and a soft cloth or kitchen roll to polish the egg when dry.
To create patterns on your eggs apply stickers to the areas that you don’t want coloured before dying the egg.  With practise by layering these stickers, you can create different coloured designs simply by removing and applying them before submerging the egg in the different dyes.
Coloured marbling on the eggs is achieved quite simply by adding 1 tablespoon of cooking oil to your dye mix and then quickly dipping your previously dyed egg (the background colour) into the solution. The dye and not the oil will adhere to the egg creating the desired marbling. When completed remove any excess oil with a piece of kitchen paper.
Like everything a little practise will be required before you master these techniques, but even the failures will taste good in a salad!
When you have your coloured Easter Eggs ready to use in your Easter Egg Hunt you’ll need to make sure that they are placed so that they are the stars of the show! For fun Easter costume ideas for families or for some simple tips on creating a fun-packed Easter Egg Hunt, why not read some of the other blog posts here at Karnival Costumes.
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