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Eurovision Song Contest Costume Ideas

Posted on 7th May 2014
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Eurovision Song Contest Blog looking at some costume ideas for your party!

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With a summer of fun to look forward to and with the added spice of the festival of football that is the FIFA World Cup coming up next month, it’s time to settle back and ‘enjoy’ that truly European of events, the Euro-Vision Song Contest.  Put aside all of the political voting and the fact that Europe is now so enlarged that we have to have semi-finals before the main event let’s just enjoy the backdrop, the music and the sheer spectacle of the whole event. And admittedly the music may sometimes be of dubious quality to our ears but someone, somewhere will be cheering that entry on and possibly singing along with it. Makes you think a bit doesn’t it?
Now there are some people that like to watch the contest in solitude and they really don’t enjoy sharing the experience with anyone else.  The rest of us really enjoy a good time and think it’s a fantastic opportunity for a late-Spring or early-Summer costume party where we all like to pretend we’re ABBA or one of the other popular groups or singers. And surely we all want to taste or be part of this level of success? And if you’re struggling to find a suitable pop star to imitate, then you could always just go in national dress which will be just as much fun.
In an earlier blog, Hosting a Eurovision Party, we discussed in depth the steps and processes involved in creating the perfect themed Eurovision party from the invitations through to some ideas for food and fun games and picture ideas. In this blog we want to take a little time to look at just a few of the best ideas for your costume and what you will need by way of costume accessories for your own party outfit. So if you’re still looking, here are some great little ideas for Eurovision Song Contest costumes: Let’s start with probably the best country to represent and probably one of the most recognisable outfits of recent times;
Classic Union Jack Dress from Karnival Costumes
We doubt that you’ll want to be wearing this dress when you next go down to Tesco’s but as cute and sassy outfits go, this Union Jack dress is ever popular and will have you as the focal point of the party.
And should you have orange coloured hair you could easily be confused with the feisty one from our own Spice Girls and it’s sure to grab the attention away from the mult-million euro televised show!  This is a delightful sleeveless dress in blue with the whole front being given over to a Union Jack or more correctly, Union Flag print. Team it with a pair of knee high boots and a sassy attitude and you could even find yourself in the line-up for the next comeback!
Captain Britannia costume for Eurovision from Karnival Costumes
This is the perfect Eurovision costume for men which will also be useful for a lot of themed England parties, events and celebrations. It’s also the perfect outfit for anyone who wants to create a laugh.
This funny fancy dress is pre-padded and comes complete with padded belly, yep no extra training required.  Trying to maintain control of this honed body (not) is a Union Jack themed top and shorts and just like all superheroes, the outfit comes complete with cape, a blue headpiece with sticky out red ears and pair of red boot covers.  The trident is not included with the outfit.
Cute ABBA Kimono costume from Karnival Costumes and perfect for your 80s or Eurovision party
Well, it has to happen at some point of the night, so why not now? ‘Let’s say thank you for the music’ and celebrate the hit music factory that was – and remains ever popular ABBA.
This is a super outfit which is based on the pretty kimonos worn by the girls during their heyday, the pretty top which is edged with pink satin is accompanied with a pair of typically seventies styled trousers and the look is finished with a pink waist sash.
ABBA Poncho fancy dress from Karnival Costumes

Known for their spectacular stage outfits, shame these have now been found out to have been created as tax avoidance but putting this aside they wore some really stunning pieces and included in ABBA’s stage wardrobe is their Super Trooper Poncho which they wore with knee high silver platform boots.  This terrific outfit, which is very affordable, is in plain white and is decorated with satin bands which echo the angular shape perfectly.  Add a dummy microphone, or even a real one if it’s karaoke and join in the fun.
Everyone loves the opportunity to get into some fancy dress and party on and the kitsch event that is the Eurovision song contest offers a perfect time to buy something new for your costumes collection so check out the costumes and accessories that we have for in our national country fancy dress and pop costumes sections, you’ll find plenty to choose from.  
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