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Fun Gangster Themed Party Invitations

Posted on 28th June 2013
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Our Clown Logo at Karnival Costumes your fancy dress specialistThis party season continues to see the Gangster theme edging nearer to the top of the popularity charts no doubt boosted by the resurgence of interest in the Roaring Twenties from the hit movie The Great Gatsby. And every year around Valentines the theme gets another boost in interest. So against this backdrop combined with the unceasing popularity of the Gangster Movie it’s easy to see why this theme continues to capture the imagination.
So if you’re thinking of planning a gangster themed party, it's time to dust off the violin case, dig out your flapper beads or spats and send out an invitation that no-one will be able to resist.
Fun ideas for your Gangster Party Invitations....
The Speakeasy Invitation
A Speakeasy was a secret location where prohibition beating booze parties were held and it became the natural habitat and home of the Flapper Girls. With the necessity for secrecy, for obvious legal reasons, an invitation to a Speakeasy would be expected to be in code and using code is a fantastic way of preparing invitations but it does need careful, and time-consuming, planning. The easiest method is to detail everything the invitation is to contain, we would suggest that it include; the name of guest, name of party giver, reason for the party (if any), date, location and start time.  This is a minimum information required for any invitation and don’t forget to include to note if you want everyone to dress up in Gangster Costumes.
Having gathered all of the information you want to include the next step is to encode it.  How you construct the code and how complicated you make it will depend, to a large part, on the age of the guests. Across all age groups visual clues always work and puzzle books will provide you with plenty of examples to follow.
The code should be fairly easy to decipher and you should always include the correct answer on the back of the invitation.
Speakeasy or ‘The Warehouse’ Location Invitation
This is based on the old treasure map invitation where you draw a stylised map of the area surrounding the party venue. Use plenty of Gangster symbols and naming – like warehouses, Italian Restaurants, Nightclubs and have a large curved arrow pointing to the position on the map where the party is to be held. As an option you could include the party details into the map in gangster talk like; ‘you’ve had this coming for a long time’, ‘now you’re going to get it’ etc.
As with all clue based invitations, be careful to ensure you include enough real information and the solution to the map should be included on the back.
The Hostage Invitation
These take a considerable time to prepare although the advent of the computer has really come to the assistance of party hosts.  Either cut the individual letters from newspapers and then use different sizes mixed and stuck to paper to create the invitation.  This is the old school method but produces the best results.  The modern way would be to download a font (Google ‘free fonts’) and then create your invitation electronically.  This has the benefit of being far quicker and ultimately cleaner than the old school method.
For either method, you could start with the fact that the party is being held hostage and that to free it guests are required to attend and are also required to pay a ransom of a bottle of bootleg hooch.
These are tried and tested Gangster themed party invitation ideas and here are some additional tips to make them even more successful. All of these invitations are based on disclosing a secret party venue so the look they have should be kept in keeping with this. They should look a little tatty and crumpled.  They look great on scraps of paper rather than on square cut fresh stock. A great tip for aging new paper stock is to stain it in a weak solution of tea and then leaving a few (not too many) coffee granules to add darker spots – these will spread with the dampness in the paper. When dry, crumple and tear as required. If it’s an invite to a St Valentine’s Day massacre then you could add a few drops of fake blood fluid to the paper as it dries to achieve the ultimate Gangster effect.
However good your invitations are, simply folding them up and giving them out in plain envelopes is not good enough. We would suggest that folding them and then sealing them with a little sealing wax would create a better look. Handing out these invitations should get your party off to a flying start and make you a real legend in the shadowy world of the Twenties Gangster!  Have a great time.
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