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Geisha Fancy Dress Costumes

With an increase in demand for Geisha fancy dress costumes for both adults and children, we thought we establish why there has been an explosion of interest in Japanese geishas.  It all appears to stem from a combination of Japan being more in the news as well as from “Memoirs of a Geisha”, the best selling novel by Arthur Golden which has inspired both a movie and the kimono geisha costume fashion fad.
And we should lose our western reserve about the word Geisha, it’s applied to women who have been trained from childhood in order to master the arts of music, dance, conversation and poetry in order to entertain men.  So a Geisha should be considered as an artist or artisan rather than our pre-conception of them being simple prostitutes.
Adult costume geisha come in two distinct styles; firstly we have the more modest traditional Japanese kimono and the more sexy Halloween costume geisha costume which is based on either a shorter skirt or on having a novel finish like our Geisha Assassin or our Vodka Belt Geisha fancy dress. And as it’s for Halloween it doesn’t have to be accurate to either the Geisha of history or that of Japan today as there too there has been a resurgence of interest in their own history.
The one consistent aspect of all Geisha costumes is the kimono obi or wide, stiffened, belt which created the appearance of a more solid truck running from the hips to the base of the ribcage and which assisted in maintaining good posture as well as providing bust and back support.  Modern costumes ted to use only lightly stiffened fabrics for the obi meaning that you can avoid the torture of the real item.
And to ensure that your Geisha costume looks as best as it can, at Karnival Costumes we have a complete range of both Oriental and Geisha wigs as well as complete pre-assembled make-up sets. For an alternative to the worn up hair do, and particularly useful for completing your child sized Geisha costume, try using a child sized witch wig.  Keeping it smoothed down whilst you trim the edges until the length is even and finish it by adding a flower behind the ear to create the perfect geisha look.