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Halloween Costume Suggestion? Why Superman of course!

Posted on 12th July 2013
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Karnival Costumes Blog Banner for Superman Fancy Dress being the perfect choice for a Halloween Costume idea.
Clown Log for Karnival Costumes your fancy dress specialistWe're often asked for costume ideas and suggestions, by both men and women, for an outfit that will not only work well at Halloween but also at other times during the year.  We don't hesitate in putting forward a superhero, or even a super villain, fancy dress as one to think about. And top of the list, well that has to be the man of steel - Superman!
Okay, let's think about it a bit more. Halloween is a special. Halloween is the one night in the year when we all have the opportunity to dress up and be anyone or anything that we have always secretly wanted to be. It’s the one night when you can take the chance to live out your fantasy and it’s perfectly okay to be silly, scary or sexy. be assured that no-one will judge you and everyone will understand, why, because they’ll all be doing exactly the same. So if you're normally shy and reserved, take a deep breath and get over it and join in the fun - at least for one night! And with costume shops and internet fancy dress sellers all stocked with a variety of outfits to choose from, it’s really down to finding something that suits your personality. So, where will your imagination take you this year?
Direct clickable link to Superman Body Suit from a huge collection of bodysuits and Superman fancy dress at Karnival CostumesMost men have fantasied about being a superhero at least for a period of time and Superman themed costumes make a really good choice for you at Halloween and who knows you may enjoy the experience and wish to repeat it! Superman costumes are readily available and they have been almost since Superman was created back in the 1930s. Although there have been subtle changes in his uniform since it was originally drawn with these mainly in the shade of blue used and in the size and graphic of the S insignia on his chest.
Despite the minor changes in the style of the costume basically it remains unaltered, just as popular and instantly recognisable. Through generations of comics, TV cartoon shows, toys and other merchandising and more lately, the complete movie franchise Superman has become a favourite dressing up character. And no wonder with costumes being available for all ages from newborn to adult and there are even Supergirl and Superwoman Costumes for girls and women.
And with everyone loving a superhero it’s no wonder Superman fancy dress are and are sure to remain, one of the favorite costumes of all time. At Karnival Costumes you will discover that there are many versions of Superman costumes and if you don’t fancy buying one ready made, there’s nothing stopping you from making one yourself.  By searching the internet you should be able to find a suitable sewing pattern or if you want to wing it from scratch yourself, your homemade version should include blue tights, a body suit in red and blue a giant yellow S on the chest and a flowing bright red cape. Complete the look with a yellow belt which should have the iconic S insignia on the buckle.
Donning a Superman costume is much about wearing the superhero persona and standing out from the crowd at Halloween or any other time of the year. So, what are you waiting for don’t let Lex Luther get there before you? 
And if you want to know more about the History Of Superman the man of steel who can move faster than a speeding bullet, then why not take a few minutes out and read our article which covers a lot of the background material that'll get you started on the path of enlightenment - hey hang on, now I sound like a Shaolin monk! 
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