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Happy St George Day - it's April 23rd

Posted on 15th April 2014
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Clown Logo of Karnival Costumes your Halloween specialists for Fancy Dress and Costume AccessoriesFor the English, wherever they are in the world, St George’s Day is celebrated with gusto and there are continual rumblings that it should be considered as a national holiday although this is someway off of being made a reality. So the day remains an unofficial holiday to some with parades and marches plus a good deal of revelry. Despite the undoubted passion for another day off work, the day is not yet celebrated with the zeal seen around St Patrick’s Day.  So who was St George anyway?  Like most of the celebrated saints, a great deal of myth and legend surrounds St George.
Best known as being a slayer of dragons and saver of maidens St George is amongst the most famous of Christian figures and although he features in many popularised stories, texts and any number of works of art, the story of slaying the dragon appears to have no basis in historical fact. Rather it’s a generally accepted that the dragon is a symbolisation of the Devil and this is supported with St George being a Christian saint.
During a siege at the Battle of Antioch in 1098, George was supposed to have appeared, dressed in white robes with a red cross, to the English Crusader knights. The culmination of the general spreading of this and many similar stories among the troops was for Richard I to put the whole campaigning army in Palestine under his protection.   
Edward III made George the Patron Saint of England with the formation of the Order of the Knights of the Garter an award granted primarily for chivalrous deeds. In more recent times, Lord Baden-Powell chose St George to be the patron saint of the Scouting Movement. Scouts remember their Scouting Promise and Scouting Law on St George's Day which is celebrated on April 23 with the flag of St George (white background with a red cross) being widely flown.
Lots of parties and parades are held around the world and these are used to showcase and celebrate the best of English culture. Whether a street festival, parade or simply a domestic party, these are usually costume parties and with all of the fun, colour and history associated with St George’s Day it might be something you’ll want to join in with. So, if you are planning a party for this St George’s Day there are a lot of fancy dress outfits to choose from. At Karnival Costumes we've a whole range of costumes, costume accessories and decorations suitable for adults and children which will be perfect for St George’s Day.
Typically costumes for St George’s Day are based around both Crusader Knights, Royal Palace Guards and outfits based on the Flag of St George, There are plenty of costumes which will have you looking perfect for your party or celebration. Here we will look at a few examples from our costume selection.
The crusader knights and St George are forever linked and the white robe with red cross have become instantly recognisable. Our deluxe Crusader Knight costume is made of heavyweight fabric and includes the tunic, pair of chainmail effect trousers, matching headpiece, belt, a pair of boot covers and a flowing red cape. This is available in both standard and extra large sizes.
Deluxe St George Costume or Crusader Knight Fancy Dress from Karnival Costumes
Fly the flag with this stunning St George Flag dress which is a delightful sleeveless little number in white with the red cross of St George taking up the front. This is a sassy little dress will ensure that all eyes will be on you.
St George Day Dress from Karnival Costumes
Definitely an unusual but patriotic why to fly the flag, this is a super example of a bodysuit which is bright white with the red cross of St George on the front. Similar in style to the original Morphsuits, this is available in sizes, medium, large and extra large.
t George's Day Bodysuit costume from Karnival Costumes
The Queen’s own guard and seen by thousands daily as they protect the sovereign’s residence Buckingham Palace. This is a delightful outfit which includes a tunic dress, ceremonial belt and faux bearskin hat.
Royal Guard fancy dress costume from Karnival Costumes
If you don’t fancy wearing a full costume then selecting a few simple Costume Accessories can transform even the plainest outfit or the simplest of costumes into something more appropriate. We've a range of costume accessories available that includes hats, moustaches, wigs, flags, party decorations and much more. And any of these will also be useful for any supporter of any England sports team.
We’ve all seen them, over-sized inflatable hands which can be waved or which alternatively can be used as part of your decoration theme. Perfect for getting yourself noticed.
St George's Day Inflatable Hand from Karnival Costumes
A unisex item, this is a curly afro styled wig in white with a red cross which will work well at any England sporting occasion or St George’s Day.
St George's Day or England Supporter's Wig from Karnival Costumes
So here we’ve outlined just a few ideas for costumes and accessories for your own St George’s Day outfits. For more suggestions and ideas, and a full list of costumes, accessories and decorations, you should check out our dedicated section for all things English will be perfect for St Georges Day. Wishing you a great time!
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