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Host a Toy Story Party with Woody & Buzz

Posted on 19th January 2015
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Host a Toy Story Party with Woody & Buzz

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Most children we know, and some adults come to that, are mad about Buzz and Woody so when it comes to party time, why not throw them a "Toy Story" Party that features all the characters from this hugely popular series. There seems to be an almost endless production of movies and mini-movies and as a result, you’ll be able to find the shelves full of party products and toys perfectly matching your party theme. Your guests will have huge fun spending time with the gang from the stories; Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Bullseye, Ham, Slink, Rex and all the others. What could be better than a party that takes your guests "to infinity, and beyond"?

Toy Story Party Invitations:

Now of course you could easily visit your local supermarket or party shop and buy some ready made Toy Story invitation cards or a pad, but with a little time and effort you can create your own magical themed invitations, The easiest method would be to start with some plain card stock and then download various pictures of Woody, Buzz and the gang from the Internet and print them out. Cut them out, glue them onto the front of your blank cards which you could fold in halve, creating 4 individual pages or leave them unfolded. Once you’ve created the front page, on the inside or the reverse, write the party details - which should include as a minimum; reason for the party, host’s name, party date, party time, party finishing time and dress code. The addition of a dress code instruction is vital if you’re holding a fancy dress party!  Leave room to add plenty of the well known phrases from the films like; “To infinity and beyond...". Place in envelopes decorated with "Toy Story" stickers or more cut out pictures.

Toy Story Fancy Dress:

To us there seems little point in a Toy Story party without asking your guests to come dressed either as their favourite character from the movies or as a toy from the toy box. It’s perhaps worth reserving either the Buzz Lightyear costume or the Woody costume for the guest of honour. And of course, if the guest of honour is a girl, it would be a Jessie costume.
These party costumes are readily available online or you could create your own Woody costume using a yellow plaid shirt, jeans, boots and a cowboy hat. Add a red bandana or kerchief tied around Woody's neck and a black and white vest cut from cowhide fake fur fabric. A holster will finish the look. Keep a stock of sheriff badges, cowboy hats, red kerchiefs and other accessories for those guests who arrive at the party not wearing fancy dress so they can look like Woody and join in the fun.
If you’re organizing a children’s party, it’s a lovely treat to have one of the adults make an appearance as either, Buzz, Woody or Jessie and these complete costume are also available online in adult sizes.

Toy Story Party Decoration:

Here you have a few options and it will depend on who is the favourite character for the host. If it’s Woody or Jessie, then you could turn your party room into a giant cowboy scene with Woody as the central theme. There are some readily available large scene setters which will fill a room with a Wild West Scene and these will make a fantastic backdrop. If it’s Buzz then you could create your own “Star Command” with plenty of space themed decorations and signs.
In either case don’t forget to make a big welcome sign which could read; “Welcome to the Toy Box” or "Welcome to Star Command". Again in either case you could make more signs for decoration or for each of the foods in your buffet.
Providing that there are no very small children around, you can include lots of toys to play with, Slinkies, Mr Potato Heads, lots of Green Soldiers, little green Aliens and d other "Toy Story" figures and toys.  These can be easily incorporated into your overall party decoration theme.

Toy Story Party Games:

Aside from letting your guests entertain themselves with the toys you’ve put out, entertain them with some "out of this world" games for the space rangers and wild-west "giddy-up" activities for the cowboys and girls.
Create a “Where’s Woody” Hunt
Secretly hide "Toy Story" toys (or pictures) around your party area. Where these are hidden you should also leave a picture of the next to you find in the sequence. Create a "Where's Woody?" hunt starting with finding Buzz Lightyear and then searching for the next toy to find based on the picture underneath him. Have the kids search and find the next toy, and then look beneath it to discover the next picture-clue. Continue until the last toy leads to the hiding Woody.
Buzz Lightyear Rocket
Before the party and using cardboard boxes create a large cardboard rocket ship or space station (which could have individual cardboard boxes added as the various modules. Having cut out the windows and doors required, if you are outside, you could let the children decorate this for themselves or if you have the time, you can fully complete the project and just let them use it.  You can use the same process to make a giant toy box for all of your guests to stand in – this makes a great picture present. One tip. if you are making the toy box, make sure you include a door at the side making it easy to get in and out, otherwise it tends to get squashed quite quickly. As well as making a great project helping to keep the children entertained, this is a super decoration and can transform the whole area. 
Mr Potato Head
Blow up pink or brown balloons to form the base Mr or Mrs Potato Head. Provide your little, and not so little, guests with a range of stickers, wiggly eyes, markers and self-adhesive pompoms so that they can personalize their own face and head.

Toy Story Party Food:

If you are serving a children’s buffet, why not create your own Star Command Pizza Bar and serve them mini-pizzas to which they can add their own selection of topping from the pizza bar. Don’t forget to add some salad items to provide some different colours. If you are making sandwiches think about cutting them out in unusual shapes, cowboy hats for Woody and his gang or Stars and Rocket Ships for Buzz and his pals.
To drink, create your own Little Green Man Alien milkshakes by blending mint ice-cream with milk and then pouting this into tall glasses or beakers and drinking it through crazy straws.
Make sure that you have some Toy Story tableware around and you can make this go further by using it on the buffet table combined with plain white plates and serviettes. The centerpiece for your buffet table could be a "Toy Story" cake which you could attempt to make yourself or which you can find available in most supermarkets and bakeries.
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