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How to Hold an Under the Sea Party for Children

Posted on 9th July 2013
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How to Host the Perfect Under the Sea or Mermaid Party for Children - Blog Banner heading
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In the summer time when the weather is fine, hang on I recognise that phrase! Okay, let’s start again. If you have a daughter who loves Disney’s Ariel or simply the weather is warm and you want a costume party to suit, an Under the Sea party may be the one for you to choose. And having decided on the overall theme, you could adapt it further by choosing either; a mermaid style, a sealife party or simply a nautical themed party. So in this blog we have brought together some of the ideas that we think will help you create a truly magical childrens party - buy hey, many of them carryu over to adults as well!
Under the Sea Party Invitations
If the idea of using shop bought invitations doesn’t work for you, you can make your own using items readily available from your local craft shop.  The easiest way would be to download a suitable design onto card which can be folded or left single-sided.  If you can print this design in colour, and the party if for a little girl you can add a little glitter to create highlights. If your holding a costume party make sure that you let people know on the invitation.  
If you’re creating your own invites, we would suggest something like the following wording;
Guest’s Name(s)
I‘d love you to come to my 4th birthday party on 1st July.
The theme of the party is Under the Sea and we’re all dressing up as Mermaids. It would be super if you would join in.
There will be food and party games.
Hope you can make it.
Love Helen xx
It's from 2pm until 5pm at the Any Address, Anytown.
RSVP Jane (Mum)
01 Somewhere Street,
Somewhere Town,  A12 3BC
Tel. 01234 567 890
Email. name@somewhere.co.uk
Party Decorations
Decorative Seahorses available from a large range of party decorations at Karnival Costumes your fancy dress specialistA super party theme with plenty of scope for you to express yourselves. For an undersea theme you can hang blue and green streamers from the ceiling to simulate the movement of the sea. Within the sea theme you can suspend any sea animal toys that you may have in your toybox.  If you don’t have anything to hand, you can make some more quite cheaply from card or paper, these can either be designs downloaded from the internet or personally painted.
For more ideas on creating these hangers, try crumpling and the uncrumpling green streamers and rip them and let them hang down to make them look like "seaweed".
For the walls, you can purchase a cheap fishing nets and colourful imitation fish, seahorses and other shell fish which can be added along with some of the seaweed.
Under the Sea Party Activities
If you don’t have a swimming pool, either get out your own paddling pool or consider borrowing one or more from your friends.  To add to the fun, break out the water pistols, one each and these can be added to any party bags. For something cheaper but just as much fun, grab a few bags of water balloons, pre fill them and store them to hand out as you want.
Fishing game, create a shoal of fish using card cut out shapes, choose colourful fish, seahorses, octopuses and other sea creatures.  Give each a value based and this should be written on the reverse.  Attached a paperclip to each of the fish and they can all be placed into a small, dry, paddling pool.  Make some fishing pools from bamboo canes and string, on the end of the string add a magnet.  Each guest can pull out two or three fish and as with all things, the highest score wins or alternatively everyone wins.
For a simple game which can be enjoyed by young and old alike, Limbo is sure to have everyone in howls of laughter. In it's simplist form yu simply need a stick or pole that can be lightly held by a couple of volunteers. Very cheaply, the pole can be wrapped in coloured crepe paper or even tissue paper making more Caribbean than garden or broom! add some mood music in the background to add to the atmosphere. Whale music is good although they don't appear to tour very often!! It's a joke. Well  when we say it's a joke we actually mean it's something that might make you smile - well perhaps just a bit. Okay we give up, it's not a good joke and we promise never to use it again. BUT we bet you use it sometime!
Under the Sea Party Costumes
At Karnival Costumes we have a huge range of mermaid fancy dress costumes as well as costume fish, crabs and should you decide that the party should be located in colder climates, we’ve even got a range of penguin and other Arctic animal fancy dress costumes so you’re sure to find something suitable.
Under the Sea Party Food Ideas
A simple selection of buffet type foods should include sandwiches cut into fish shape always prove popular. To avoid too much waste, you could use this idea for the top few sandwiches and the can be used for decoration.  For a slightly more mature mix of guests, mini fish and chips will be a massive hit and even better if you can find the cones to serve them in. As an alternative you could use a sharp knife to cut what looks like a shark bite on one side.
For all ages our favourite dessert we love to create an ocean jelly which use blue raspberry flavoured jelly into which, when it’s half set is pushed gummy fish and sharks.
A great fun idea for a party theme with both adults and children with lots of ideas that you can use to increase the fun. And if you’re lucky enough to be able to have your party around your pool and barbeque don’t forget to invite us!
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