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How to Organise the Best Casino Night

Posted on 24th June 2013
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For adults the Casino Night remains one of the most popular party themes allowing for party goers to escape the normality of everyday life and for them to enter the world of multi-millionaires whist adopting the smooth sophistication of James Bond.  But despite it's continued popularity, there remains the age old problem of manning of your gaming tables. Should you employ an outside company - which can make it an expensive night and if you choose not to, how do you find enough volunteers to keep the night moving along?
Well, other than employing staff to run the whole night for you, this is one of the best ideas that we’ve come across although it does rely on everyone playing their part during the night. It all starts when you create your invitation and involves you using your computer and printer to create a high value banknote, let’s say for example £1,000,000 – use Photoshop to personalise it with a picture of either the guest of honour or each of your VIP guests. Once created this should be included along with your invitation which should include all of the normal information, date, time, location and importantly dress code because if you want people to attend wearing fancy dress, you'll need to tell them in advance and give them plenty of warning.  Your guests should be requested to bring this note to the party where you will exchange it for poker chips, tokens or fake money which can then be used at the tables.    
Casino themed scene setters from Karnival Costumes your fancy dress specialist
Use a collection of themed Casino decorations, you’ll find a selection of these in our High Rollers Accessories section, to brighten your party area and for the best instant decoration choose our Casino themed Scene Setters which will give the impression of a wall of slot machines and casino lights in a matter of a few minutes. Of course you could take your lead from the hotels of Las Vegas and pick an alternative theme which may allow you to reuse some party decorating bits and pieces you already have.  Popular decoration themes would be Ancient Egypt, Luau Beach scene and Pirates of the Caribbean. Of course you’re going to have to find, or rent, some casino style tables or green baize tops so that you can have several types of tables: roulette, blackjack, craps, and poker. Unless you’re lucky enough to actually own a slot machine you’re going to have to look for a suitable App or alternative just settle for the noises of the casino slots played in the background.  Another option would be to go all-out and hire a Karaoke system and create your own performance area allowing your talented guests an open mic slot so that they can show off a bit!
On the night itself, as your guests arrive at your personal Casino their invitation notes are converted into spendable chips or tokens and for this, we would suggest denominations of £10,000, £50,000, £100,000 and the super James Bond chip of £200,000. Your guests are then free to enjoy the company, eat and gamble their tokens during the evening.
And the solution as to who runs each of your tables..? Well the answer is to pay them with more chips and this provides the perfect solution for those guests who’ve gone through their chips too quickly.  And again, if people are reluctant to provide the stage act, then you can again offer them more chips.  If you’ve used the chip denominations outlined above, we would suggest payments at £10,000 per hand of cards or spin of the wheel with perhaps £50,000 per song.  At the end of the evening you could convert the chips and the person with the most can be rewarded with a small prize or memento.   
We're sure that you can provide plenty of variations and add ons to this basic idea but it will help you get you plans in-place for a really fun night with friends and family.  For fancy dress, we would suggest swarve and sophisticated but it really depends on the decorating theme that you have chosen and the choice is always yours.  Whatever theme you select have a great night and if you want, e-mail us your pictures and we'll include them. 
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