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How to Organise the Best Casino Night for New Years Eve or Anytime!

Posted on 12th December 2014
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How to Organise A Casino Night for New Years Eve or Anytime!

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If you’re still looking for a fabulous party theme for this New Year’s Eve bash, then a Casino Night, with all of the sophistication, glamour and excitement of the gaming tables is probably for you.  This remains one of the most popular party themes for adults and it will allow you and your guests to enter that fairytale time where reality can be suspended for a while at least! 
Now although it remains a firm favourite with both hosts and guests alike, there is always the age old problem of who should run the ‘gaming tables’, ie who will be the croupiers and card dealers? Now it’s possible to employ an outside company to provide you with all of the equipment and staff that you could need and for a few buying in the whole thing will be the perfect solution. But for the rest of us back in the real world, the question remains; how do you find enough people who are prepared to sit on the ‘house’ side of the tables? Will you be able to get enough volunteers to keep things moving?
Well, other than the idea of employing staff to run the whole night, this is probably one of the best ideas that we’ve come across for ensuring that you all have a great time. It does however rely on everyone playing their part at some point during the night.
The best time to get the ball rolling is at the point when you create your party invitations. At the same time, get onto your computer and design your own very high value banknote, say something like £1,000,000 – we would suggest that you personalise the note or notes if you want, with the image of either the hosts or each of your guests. These should be included with the invitations when they are sent, along with the fact that the note will be converted into spending chips which they can use throughout the night and that the person with the largest stack of chips will win a prize.
When your guests arrive at your personal Casino there invitation notes are converted into spendable chips we would suggest denominations of £10,000, £50,000, £100,000 and a super chip of £200,000. Your guests are then free to enjoy the evening and gamble as they think fit.  But this does leave the problem of who runs the tables as everyone is off enjoying themselves?  Well, and we think this is a really cute idea, the answer is to pay them with more chips and this is perfect for those who’ve gone through their chips too quickly. So providing that you can find some volunteers to man the tables at the beginning of the evening it shouldn’t be too long before the busted high rollers start talking over. If you’ve used the chip denominations outlined above, we would suggest payments at £10,000 per hand of cards or spin of the wheel, and based on how the evening is going, you can work out the payment for manning the tables.
Having fixed the stakes and with an idea of how to man the tables, you’ll need to find, or rent, some casino style tables or green baize tops so that you can have several types of tables: roulette, blackjack, craps, and poker. There are some great Apps out there now and you could find one of these to provide the soundtrack for your casino. As well as the physical equipment and gambling chips, it would be great to decorate the room and for this we would suggest using a collection of themed Casino decorations and you’ll find a good selection of these in our High Rollers Accessories section. And although a traditional Las Vegas casino gaming room theme would be expected, you could break with the traditional and follow the examples of the hotels in Las Vegas and great your own casino theme.   
Of course, if you are combining your Casino Night with New Year’s Eve then you’ve probably still got your Christmas decorations hanging and these will make a colourful backdrop you your party.  You could however, swap these out in the main area for some more specific casino decorations which could be combined with any New Years banners etc.  If you’re stuck for a colour scheme, then black, red and gold will always exude a luxury feeling.
If you’re still looking for a theme, you maybe lucky enough to be able to reuse decorations from any recently held costume party or if you’re starting from fresh, you could take your lead from the major Vegas hotels.  Popular decoration themes would be Egyptian, Beach Party or Luau and Pirates and as you would expect, we have lots of costumes and accessories that will perfectly compliment and complete these party ideas.
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