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How to Throw a Great July 4th Party

Posted on 1st July 2013
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Clown Logo for Karnival Costumes your Fancy Dress SpecialistsWith American Independence Day offering up another excuse for a party we thought we’d identify some tips on how to make your 4th of July party a real hit.  Okay, you may not be American by birth but we’re joined by almost the same language and personally, I doubt they’ll mind us joining in! So if you don’t know where to start, try these tips and you’re sure to have a big hit!
A well thought out and executed party invitation really does send a message that that this will be a party not to be missed. Why?  Simple, if you’re prepared to spend time and effort on the invitations your guests will be start looking forward to your party in anticipation of all of the good things to come.  For a simple but effective American themed invite we would suggest that you find a suitable graphic shape – Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Hamburger etc and then using the silhouette as a guide, cut your invitations from plain black card stock which can be folded and cut along three sides to create an opening invite or left as single sided.  All of your party invitations can then be written using either a metallic silver or gold ink or you could even use a chalk pencil – although you may need to apply a fixer to this.  As long as you choose an iconic shape of Americana you will be fine. 
Everyone will know that your theme will be patriotic USA but if you keep it simple and just use red, white and blue, you’ll be able to recycle your decorations on Bastille Day as well as any British themed party or Royal celebration.  We would suggest lengths of plain bunting, streamers, balloons and coloured tableware. To bring through the USA them you could add a few American flags, hanging cut outs and tabecentres – which are available in our Independence Day section.
Nothing screams out America or Fourth of July like the staples of Hamburgers and Hotdogs. This will offer you the opportunity to fire up the BBQ and provided you have plenty of napkins, in red, white and blue of course and some paper plates, your guests can join in the fun by customizing their own fast food creations, just leave them a variety of toppings such as lettuce, sliced tomato, gherkins, onions, burger relish, mayonnaise, mustard and whatever else you have in the cupboard. AND don’t forget lashings of ketchup. Keep the rest of your food to finger buffet style of catering and again use red, white and blue coloured cutlery to carry the decoration theme through your buffet table.
Layered Drinks for your Independence Day party from Karnival CostumesDrink:
Along with lashings of Cola and other American favourites like Root Beer, why not develop your own signature party drink. Make it something long and cool to ease you and your guests through the party.  For an easy to follow multi-layered “mock-tail” which will be ideal for both adults and children, us this super idea from In Katrina’s Kitchen. It’s made using three simple ingredients and lots of ice.  In her US recipe, she uses Red CranApple Juice, White Sobe Pina Colada and Blue G2 Gatorade some of which you might find hard to locate in the UK! But there is a simple trick to laying this – and any other cocktail drink. You need to determine the sugar contain (stated on the side) and the heaviest sugar content drink goes on the bottom with the lightest rising to the top! For the step by step instructions and for other ideas, In Katrina’s Kitchen.
Nothing sets the right party mood better than some music as it both sets the tone and gets people to loosen up – well a drink or two might help! Use one of the downloadable music stores to create your own fun playlist and don’t forget to at add in a few patriotically American songs.
Entertainment:With the advent of digital photography and with almost every phone having a built in camera, there has been an explosion of interest in how to create the best party pictures.  We would suggest that you create your own photo booth where either you can take the pictures – in which case Diret Link to Karnival Costumes selection of USA themed Party and Costume Accessoriesyou get a complete record for your own amusement, but with it comes the responsibility of either printing the images out or at least, sending them on (or posting to Facebook so everyone can share the laugh).  If you do plan on posting all of the pictures to social media, we would suggest you tell people beforehand so they can at least expect to see their silliness go global!
Great at any celebration or party, create your own swag bunting (or buy some from us) and fix this to a wall or fence to create an instant party backdrop. Add a large black silhouette cutout of the same iconic American image that you used for your invites, use black card glued to a corrugated card backer.  Photograph guests in front of the backdrop for an easy and memorable photo opportunity. And if you want to get some comical photos, get hold of some USA props, Uncle Sam style top hats, flags, oversized glasses, Statue of Liberty Headpieces and Torches or whatever else you can think of to make a hilarious photo look!
These are just some of the many things you can do to throw a great party! Whether you keep it simple or ‘glam’ it up just remember to have fun!  And because no-one can out Disney the pyrotechnic guys at Disney, sit back and enjoy one of their July4th Firework displays.
Happy 4th of July from everyone at Karnival Costumes.
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