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Pinatas for your Mexican Theme Party

Posted on 3rd April 2016
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Piñatas for your Mexican Theme Party

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When you start thinking about party goods for your Mexican party, the piñata is one of the first things that come to mind. Today piñatas are now enjoyed worldwide for their colour and their very promise of the fun and treats to come. Most piñatas are beautiful fabulous creations and they can be used equally as party decorations as them being a fun game to play. And as they make such useful party decorations, they usually come into their own as a game towards the end of a party when they get broken open cascading their sweets, small toys and slow fall confetti held inside it.
Originally piñatas were offered in the traditional shapes of the seven pointed star and the classic donkey. Today, however can be purchased in a huge variety of shapes and sizes and these include many children’s favourite characters like Superman, Mickey Mouse and even Father Christmas!
Although most of us associate piñatas as coming from Mexico and as being Mexican in origin, their true origins lie elsewhere. The piñata’s origins are truly multi cultural. The explorer, merchant and great traveler, Marco Polis is known to have seen a version of the modern day piñata when exploring in the Orient during the 13th Century. He observed that as part of their New Year celebrations, the Mandarin people celebrated with miniature representations of animals that were hollowed out so as to accommodate seeds which represented a good forthcoming harvest and a portent of wealth and happiness. On a given holiday, they would be hung from a tree branch and then beaten with a stick until they burst open releasing the contents inside the piñata.
On his return to Italy with his loaded vessel full of luxurious silks, exotic spices as well as one of the ancient Oriental versions of the modern-day piñata. Legend has it that he introduced it the Catholic Church and soon it became intertwined with religious holidays. It was not long before the tradition spread from Italy to Spain which in turn was transferred to the New World. The piñata was used by the missionaries to teach the natives religious doctrine. With Mexico already having something similar to a piñata their teaching wads successful and well received.
Traditionally Aztecs would honour their god each year with a gift. This offering took shape in the form of a clay pot that contained presents. When the contents fell to the ground, it was a sign to the Aztecs that the offerings had been received a little like the joke about the church collection being thrown into the air with everything that falls to the ground not being required.
Wearing a blindfold while trying to break open the piñata is a practice also deeply rooted in the past. The ancient Mayan were known to play their version of the game blindfolded. Taking note of this practice was the Spanish missionaries and they incorporated the blindfold into their own teachings with the piñata and the practice returned to Europe with them.
Today, piñatas are one of the most sought after of party goods and the most popular piñatas are associated with children’s birthday parties. Children love attempting to smash the piñata open almost as much as they enjoy the hidden treasures that are contained inside. And for those who are looking for something slightly less aggressive there are now piñatas which can be opened by pulling one string which is connected to the secret trap door.  The secret string is hidden amongst lots of dummy strings which will allow all of your guests to have at least one go each.
So if you’re looking to add a bit more festivity and colour to your next party why not consider adding a piñata and some contents to your party shopping list. If you’re organising a traditional Mexican party, go for one of the classic shapes.
If you're looking for a super range of Pinatas as well as pinata novelties and slow fall confetti, large tissue rectangles which flutter slowly as they fall to the ground then we have a range here.
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