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Posted on 23rd July 2018
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National Tequila Day celebrated every July 24th and at Karnival Costumes online party shop, we've costumes, party goods, tableware and more for you to create the perfect Mexican themed party

Need an excuse for a Mexican Party - How about NATIONAL TEQUILA DAY..?

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National Tequila Day is celebrated on July 24th every year. On this day – or perhaps the weekend is best, you can celebrate your love of this famous Mexican spirit by holding your own Mexican themed costume party whilst enjoying a tequila or two with friends and family.

So popular is the day that it has its own social media hashtag #nationaltequiladay Where you can post your own pictures and comments.
Tequila is a produce or the area around the town of same name in the Jalisco area of Mexico. Tequila is made from the blue agave plant and it’s the national drink of Mexico. Known as Tequila today, it was originally known as mezcal wine, although there are differences in the manufacturing process and ingredients, giving rise to the old adage which goes; “All Tequila is Mezcal, but not all Mezcal is Tequila.”  
Basically Tequila must contain at least 51% blue argave whereas mezcal can be made from 100 of different agave varieties.
For the connoisseur there are 5 main categories of tequila – and knowing these will allow you to impress your friends, these include;
• Blanco tequila – a white unaged Tequila.
• Joven tequila– an unaged golden tequila flavoured with either sugar syrup or caramel.
• Reposado tequila– aged between 2 months to 1 year in oak barrels.
• Anejo tequila – aged between 1 – 3 years in oak barrels.
• Extra Anejo tequila – aged for a minimum of three years.
Like many celebrations, National Tequila Day was first started in the USA and Mexico where it is celebrated with a number of tequila festivals and tours of tequila distilleries along what is known as the tequila trail in Jalisco. In recent years the celebration has also been adopted in the UK due to the rising popularity of the drink. On national Tequila day in the UK, although celebrations are smaller than in the USA, you will find tequila on offer in many bars and supermarkets. But let’s remember, Oktoberfest started small and look at the size and number of UK based celebrations that occur now!
The Tequila spirit is the basis for some of the most popular cocktails, The Tequila Sunrise, The Margarita, The Long Island Iced Tea to name a few. July 24th has been set aside each year to celebrate Tequila. So now you know a little about Tequila you can see why celebrating its National Day in June with your own Mexican party is almost a duty! And to help you on your way, here at Karnival Costumes we’ve lots of Mexican themed costumes, decorations, tableware and party goods that’ll set the scene perfectly.
Check out our Mexican Party Section here.
And to get you started how about trying this simple recipe for the classic Margarita cocktail.
With this one, a bowl of tortilla chips and some guacamole are almost mandatory, along with some suitable mariachi music all of which will get you in the mood for your first sip of heaven;
Wipe a wedge of lime around the rim of a tumbler then dip the rim of the glass into some sea salt. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Add 30ml lime juice, 30ml Cointreau, 60ml white tequila. Shake until almost teeth numbingly cold. Fill your tumbler with fresh ice and strain the drink over the top. Squeeze a wedge of lime into the glass, and toss in another for good measure. Stir, drink and be instantly transported.
National Teqila Day - July 24th. Costumes, party goods, decorations and tableware all available here at Karnival Costumes online party shop
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