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Picnic Party Fun Ideas and Suggestions

Posted on 12th August 2018
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Picnic Party Fun

Clown Logo of Karnival Costumes Today, parties have an anything goes feel about them and no longer are they the preserve of birthdays and anniversaries. Parties can take place at any time during the year and equally as importantly, parties can take place anywhere. During the colder months, or when you can’t be sure of what the weather will bring, you can have a house party, rent a hall or a room or even take over a gallery or activity centre. But when the sun is shining and weather is fine, why not move the party fun outside and have a picnic party!
Some of the best childhood memories are about the fun we had outside when the sun was shining and picnics are a fun party idea because they can accommodate as many or as few people as you'd like. And the smaller ones can always have a Teddy Bear’s picnic where they can bring their favourite companions to join in the fun.
Probably the most important aspect of arranging a good picnic party is finding the right open space. If you’re not blessed with a big garden, your choice may be limited to where you live, if you’re lucky enough to live near a beach, fantastic, if you live in the country, perhaps a big field (check with the farmer) or if your more urban, why not take it to your local park or sports club – anywhere where your guests can create their own amusement and fun. Depending on your chosen location, your guests can bring their footballs, bikes, skipping ropes and other outside games and amusements. There is also a great selection of ‘large’ garden games like Jenga, although these may be pricey and should be considered a longer term investment.
The good part about creating your picnic party is that the food doesn’t always have to be too fancy, sandwiches and little cakes would be the traditional fare along with hard boiled eggs and a selection of savouries. If you’re using your own location you can get a caterer, or a newer modern alternative is to use a self-collect catering option. During the summer, most public places will be served by an ice-cream van and knowing when and where they will be can either provide an extra bonus treat. It’s also worth checking out what other products they may have as popcorn and candy floss may also be available as treats.
If you are looking to create a more sophisticated or adult picnic party then typical picnic fare like a selection of cheeses, crackers, fancy sandwiches and pickles served with beers and wine. If you’re planning on using a public space and serving beer or wine, it’s worth checking local bylaws to see if it is permitted. If you need to keep things cool once they've left your picnic-box, then try our inflatable cooler which you can fill with ice and then add your own platters, bottles and cans.
If you're allowed to, a picnic BBQ combines the best of both worlds although this will require great care to be taken in the dryest months to prevent unintentonally starting a fire. If using a public park, it's best to checke specifically whether you will be allowed to use a barbeque. 
If you’re planning you picnic for a child’s birthday party, or you want to lay on a special treat, why not look at hiring a face painter or entertainer like a magician or clown. You could even make it a costume party which will really bring a splash of colour to your picnic.
And no matter where you take your picnic party, one of the best things is not having to worry too much about seating – the essence of a picnic is a blanket spread on the ground to sit on, a nice checkered tablecloth on the ground with disposable plates, cups and cutlery. So dig out your picnic basket, pack it up with delicious treats and savouries, load up with toys and games and head out for your own fun picnic adventure.
If the idea of holding your own picnic party is appealing to you, here at Karnival Costumes we’ve a great selection of children’s bubbles and novelty toys plus a range of picnic tableware in traditional red and white gingham print. Check them out, along with other ideas and themes for your parties here at our party shop.
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