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Planning a Children's Party

Posted on 1st May 2020
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Hosting A Fun Party For Kids

Planning the perfect kids party blog here at Karnival Costumes online party shop
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We all know that planning and hosting a party for children can be a lot of work. To get it right, you’ll need to consider 
decorations, food and drink as well as thinking about entertaining your guests.  It’s hard enough when it’s a party for adults and when children are involved it can be a nightmare!
When little ones are your guests, you’ll need to be even more thoughtful of your menu and drinks as well as ensuring that you have enough entertainment and things to do to prevent them from getting bored. Don’t panic; with careful planning and the right amount of preparation everything will be fine…. here's how to prepare for the best kiddies party:
Decide on a time and date
This is perhaps, the first and most important step in planning an event and its key to allowing you to get everything else in order. Also, deciding on a time and date for the party means you’ll know how much time you have to prepare for it. Knowing the time and date also allows you to make the other big decisions for the event; choosing the venue, the theme and the food.
Choosing a theme
Choosing the right party theme is one of the key planning decisions and it gives you something around which you can plan the decoration and even the food and drink choices. Once you and your child have (finally) agreed on a suitable party theme, you can get on with shopping for essentials such as your tableware; paper plates, paper napkins, cups and tablecovers as well as themed decorations.  Here at Karnival Costumes online party shop we’ve a great selection of party tableware themed to the major choices and for most of these we’ve also got matching or complementing party decorations.
Create a to-do list
Once you've decided on the major decisions mentioned above, it's ideal to map out everything you need to do. A “to do” list would be extremely helpful so that you won't forget anything important, from sending out the party invitations - which if you’ve left it late you can do through Facebook - ordering or making the cake, booking an entertainer to buying or creating fun party games and prizes.
Create your menu
With a children’s party it’s always preferable to keep the menu simple. And one good thing about planning a kid’s menu is that you don't need to create any fancy food. Plenty of them are picky eaters so it's best to just stick to simple, familiar food like crisps and sandwiches, burgers and chips, hotdogs and the like. Don't forget the desserts because all children love their sweets - ice cream, jelly or biscuits and cake would do the trick!
Prepare party games and entertainment
Even allowing for greeting your small guests and the time out for the food, entertainment is probably the most important element in a children’s party for kids is entertainment since they will easily get bored. With all the energy that they have, you might as well put it to good use and let them have fun with a few party games.  For middle age children a piñata can provide a great diversion and can also be used as a significant decoration before being hung up so that the real fun can begin. As well as adding some treats, try adding some slow flutter confetti to create a special effect when the piñata finally gives up its bounty. We’ve everything you’ll need including both traditional burst open and ribbon pull styles of piñatas and plenty of fillers and party bag goodies.
By following a few simple principles, planning for and hosting a children’s party doesn’t have to be that hard.
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