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Oktoberfest Party Ideas

Posted on 19th August 2014
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Oktoberfest Party Ideas

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Oktoberfest is a hugely popular festival celebrated in the autumn season. Lasting 16 days and strangely, given its name, starting during September it was originally a mass wedding celebration that took part hundreds of years ago.  Having survived the ages, the Oktoberfest celebrations that take place just outside of Munich every year see millions of people heading to the mass beer halls, music events and the giant funfair designed to entertain today’s savvy traveller.  
Although millions travel to Bavaria even more host or attend a local Oktoberfest party, so let us at Karnival Costumes help you travel to Munich in your own back garden and plan a day of fun and laughter in honour of this most German of traditions. In this blog post you’ll find some ideas for your Oktoberfest party invitations, making your own soft pretzels, decorations and a few tips that will hopefully get you inspired to host your own Oktoberfest beer tasting.
So let’s start with a few tips for getting you started with your own Oktoberfest celebrations;
Enjoy the Beer:  It's no coincidence that Bavaria has some of the best brewed beers in the world as, as long ago as the 16th century there have been regulations about brewing beer and how to achieve a high quality for the final product by the carefully choosing of the ingredients.  One of the oldest laws relating to the production of food and drink are the “Bavarian Purity Requirements” decreed by Duke William IV in 1516 which states that only water, hops and barley should be used to brew true Bavarian beer.
Some of the most popular beers available at the at the Oktoberfest beer tents are; Augustiner, Paulaner, Spaten-Frankziskaner, Löwenbräu, Hacker-Pschorr and Hofbräu. From the biggest brewers these brands account for sales of over 6 million liters annually and at around €8.50/liter this is a big business.
Most of the companies have tokens or Biermarken which are handed out to guests and which can be exchanged for beer in the respective tents.  This is a nice idea to create your own Biermarken and include it with your invitations. This should be exchanged on arrival for your chosen brand of bier!  With the introduction of some of the major Continental supermarket brands into the UK it’s now even easier to get hold of some of the more exclusive Oktoberfest beer brands so contact them early to make sure you don’t miss out.
Typically Oktoberfest beers are served in Steins and although most of these beers are available in cans or bottles, for some strange reason they do taste better when traditionally served with a nice foam head. Steins are available made from glass, stoneware, pewter and even fine porcelain and again the Continental supermarkets will probably be the best places to try first.
Enjoy the Food:  You will be able to find many recipes for Oktoberfest foods on the web. Elsewhere in our collection of blogs, you’ll find a recipe for soft pretzels a staple food during Oktoberfest!  The other ‘must have’ for any Oktoberfest celebration menu is Bratwurst which is typically served with a mustard or ketchup sauce but when served with a curry sauce, it creates Currywurst.  In either serving, wursts or sausages are served with crusty rolls – the appearance of salad, although most likely abhorrent to any true Bavarian, might be appreciated, even if not admitted to!
At most celebrations, a combination of wursts and pretzels is normally sufficient, but if you want to plan something more substantial, then the typical foods to be prepared should include; chicken, roast pork, sausages and potato pancakes topped with a  number of delicious toppings including ham and sauerkraut, a little smoked salmon or even a BBQ chicken topping.
Oktoberfest Party Invitation ideas: Like all good parties, it starts with planning and the sending out of the invitations is a major part of this planning process. Again, at Karnival Costumes we believe that there are 6 vital pieces of information that you’ll need on any party invitation. These include; the name of the party (or reason for having it), name of the person throwing the party, and date, time and location.  The sixth piece of information is whether this will be a costume party and therefore if you will be expecting people to be wearing Oktoberfest fancy dress costumes when they arrive.  It’s surprising the number of people who forget this vital piece of information and then are disappointed when their guests arrive dressed in smart-casual.
Again like all invitations, by adding some catchy wording that fits with both the type of party being held and the age-group of those attending.  Base your wording on the theme of the party and perhaps for Oktoberfest you could use;
“Our Oktoberfest party is almost here,
so why not come on over and enjoy a beer?”
“Party at Oktoberfest with family & friends,
Enjoy all sixteen days ‘till the party comes to its ends!”
Groans and admiration all in one go! The front of the invitation should be covered with typical Oktoberfest imagery.  And don’t forget to send your invitations out early, especially important if you’re holding a costume party, so that your guests can mark their calendars and get organised for the big event.
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