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International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Posted on 1st September 2014
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International Talk Like A Pirate Day

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We firmly believe that everyone has a little bit of pirate in them, right? So why not join in with the rest of us and together we can show everyone just how good we are at Talking Pirate! Why, well every September 19th is a pirate theme holiday which is has become a global phenomenon; ‘Talk Like A Pirate Day’.  It’s a day to enjoy yourself and to celebrate the history of pirates with the fun being having or attending pirate parties, dressing up like pirates, eating pirate food and definitely talking like a pirate.
Now once upon a time, a day like this would only be enjoyed by kids but pirate parties are actually now celebrated as much, if not more, by adults than by children. Would you have guessed it? Now in part, this may a have a lot to do with the grog ration and a certain Captain Morgan who gets shared a lot during the celebration, but then again it’s a great theme to carry down to the water where various pirate craft can race off against each other.  So International Talk like a Pirate Day is the perfect excuse for getting all your friends together, grabbing a few fancy dress costumes and having a party!
And for those who are saying that they don’t know how to talk like a pirate and therefore they can’t join in the fun with the rest of us, here are few of the more common pirate expressions that’ll provide you with the perfect excuse to be a pirate for a day.
A major part of the fun of International Talk like a Pirate Day is learning to speak in the pirate’s own language. So ye should have some fun with ‘er phrases and rid ‘urself of the bilge of normal speak, arrrgh ‘ye should! So get ye a prac’i’sing an’ ye’ll be pefec’ by ‘ya day we splice te mainbrace ‘agether, ah mateee…
  • Addled - Mad, insane
  • Ahoy! - "Hello!"
  • Avast! - Stop and give attention. "Hey!" or "Who goes there?”
  • Aye! - yes, I agree 
  • Arrr! - yes, I agree, I'm happy, I'm enjoying this grog/rum
  • Arrrgh - anoyed
  • Bilge! - Nonsense, foolish talk 
  • Black Spot - Warning that a pirate is marked for death
  • Bosun - Petty officer
  • Bowsprit - Slanted spar at a ship's prow
  • Buccaneer - Caribbean pirate
  • Chantey -  A sailor's work song
  • Corsair - Romantic term for pirate
  • Davy Jones' locker - bottom of the sea
  • Deadlights - Eyes 
  • Gangway! - "Get out of my way!”
  • Grog - Any alcoholic drink
  • Handsome(ly) - Quickly 
  • Jolly Roger - Pirates' skull-and-crossbones flag
  • Lights - Lungs
  • Prow - "Nose" of the ship
  • Splice the mainbrace - Have a drink
  • Tar – Sailor
We're sure that you'll have heard most of these in the Pirates of the Caribbean films and no doubt your ideal pirate costume will be that based on a stylised Capt Jack Sparrow - and why not we say.  So if you’re planning to party on International Talk Like a Pirate Day then at Karnival Costumes you’ll find everything you need from pirate fancy dress costumes for children and adults, masses of pirate costume accessories including hats and wigs, a veritable treasure trove of costume jewels, gold coins and purses along with a complete armoury of pirate’s toy weapons and lots of party decorations and party theme ideas. And for the record, if you're sittig there sing 'Hey, hey what are we going to do?' you're watching too much Disney!
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