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It's a Blue Smurf World!

Posted on 23rd May 2013
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With TV repeats and now big screen adaptations the popularity of our favourite little blue world and the people inhabiting it increases to grow. Yes, the Smurfs are now appearing everywhere. And this growing admiration for our little blue chums means that you can get both adult and children’s Smurf outfits for your own costume party without any trouble, and at Karnival Costumes we have all of the character fancy dress costumes available, along with plenty of masks, hats, wigs and make-up to ensure that you achieve the best finish for your own outfit.  So what’s the purpose of this article I can hear you ask?  Well, with the ready availability of the basic costumes the truth is that there are a lot of Smurfs all looking the same and we think that’s wrong so we’re addressing it here!
Let’s think about the world that our Smurf chums inhabit.  In our favourite cartoon version, the Smurfs live in their own village where you will find over a hundred ‘three-apple-tall’ blue creatures all living happily together. And, we can’t think of a nicer sentiment for any costume party.
So what do we recommend for your own Smurf party?  Well for a start, and as we keep saying, all parties start with an invitation and in keeping with your Smurf theme, you could a mushroom shape cut-out and printed or painted to look like a house.  Either as a folded page or as a single piece of card, don’t forget to include all of the necessary detail; reason for the party (if there is one), the date, time and the location and importantly don’t forget to let people know if you’re expecting them to turn up in Smurf fancy dress costumes, otherwise, you’ll have a very red face under that blue make-up!
For the party decoration, the more you can make the location look and feel like a Smurf village the better, large mushroom houses decorating the walls, a good tip is to paint these on the reverse side of a cheap roll of wallpaper or artists sugar paper.  And you can carry these decorative theme through your party tableware and tablecovers etc. just remember blue is the colour.
When deciding on your Smurf costumes or when allocating the characters to your guests, it’s important to remember that there is only one Papa Smurf and we would always suggest that the honour of wearing this Smurf costume goes to the oldest male guest. For those guests who don’t want the added expense of buying a licenced costume, they could opt for making their own Smurf fancy dress of a blue top, white bottom, white hat and, if possible white shoes.  And if the thought of creating the shaped hat is daunting, white Smurf hats are readily and some of these also have attached yellow Smurfette wigs.  And whilst you’re shopping don’t forget to stock-up on the blue make-up or face-paint.
As host, you may want to have a stock of these hats at the ready for those who think they can attend without a fancy dress – and if you can get them to stand still long enough, you could even paint their faces blue as a forfeit!
So what Smurf characters should you create to avoid too much duplication?  Well we’ve dealt with Papa Smurf in his blue top, red hat and red trousers, and with everyone else with their proper accessories you should be able to create a great mix of characters.  Obviously, we can only describe some of the major Smurf characters found in the original cartoons, but these ideas should be enough to get your own creative juices flowing;
Builder Smurf Outfit:  Well the one thing we know as an absolute fact, we never saw a white Transit or any other white van in the cartoons but with all those houses to look after there were plenty of Smurfs building things.  To the basic costume just add a builders belt – available for both adults and children and a pretend builders hat – which should be hung from the belt so as not to spoil the white hat look!  Who knows, you might even get some work out of it and if you know any carpenters, brick-layers, plumbers etc they could easily use some of their own equipment to complete their individual look.
Dressmaker or Tailor Smurf or Smurfette: With everyone wearing blue there must have been complete workshops in the village and this is a simple costume to accessorise by simply wearing a dressmakers tape measure around your neck and by adding a line of colourful bead head pins to either your hat or chest and it’ll be obvious what character you’ve taken.
Farmer Smurf: This is a great one for those not prepared to wear white trousers as you can substitute these for a pair of denim overalls – which will look all the better for the addition of a couple of colourful patches – have a carrot sticking out of the top pocket and then add a long straw to chew on.
Dreamy Smurf or Sleepy Smurf: Easily confused with Sleepy Dwarf from Snow White and exhibiting all of the same characteristics.  Dreamy Smurf can be found sitting in a corner with his eyes shut and who’s to say that a Smurfette cannot take on the same guise?
News Hound or Reporter Smurf: Add a green visor and seen carrying a notebook, or more accurately an ancient rolled scroll which you can easily make yourself following these simple instructions.  Adult supervision is required. 
First crumple an A3 sized piece of paper and then use a tea staining technique by leaving the paper to soak in a weak tea solution (yes, you’ve got it, no milk and no sugar humph!), when you take it out and whilst it’s still wet, sprinkle on a FEW small coffee granules which should dissolve to create darker age spots.  As an option, you can distress the edges of the paper by lightly discolouring them with a flame – please take care.  When completed, the paper can be rolled and then sealed with a red ribbon and wax seal (use a coin pressed into some sealing wax, or even more simply, just glue a gold plastic coin in place. The resulting scroll works well with a number of costumes and themes not only your Reporter Smurf.
Hopefully you can see that with a little imagination you can create a host of characters for your Smurf costume party and with some thought you should be able to match the Smurfs skills and personality perfectly to fit each of your party guests. As always, don’t forget to show your appreciation of everyone’s efforts with lots of photographs which you can upload to Twitter and Facebook as well as prizes for the best or most original costumes.


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