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It's Fiesta Time Again! Some Ideas for Cinco de Mayo Costumes and Accessories

Posted on 23rd April 2014
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Cinco de Mayo, which has a literally translates into the Fifth of May, celebrates the historic victory of the Mexican army over the French forces at the Battle of Puebla. For Mexicans around the world, the day is celebrated just like St Patrick’s Day is by the Irish. Cinco de Mayo is synonymous with revelry and partying and is a much loved holiday of both Mexicans and Non-Mexicans alike which is that everyone gets to party! Mexicans hold this special day deep in their hearts and it’s become a day for championing their culture and heritage whilst the historical significance may have faded from public memory. Cross the US, Cinco de Mayo is celebrated by the Hispanic population with vigour and enthusiasm although there is no exclusion and it’s generally considered to be a colourful party time for everyone!
Lots of parties and parades are held around the world and these are used to showcase the vibrancy of the Mexican culture. Whether a street festival, parade or simply a domestic party, these are usually costume parties which ensure you don’t forget the fact that there is a Mexican connection. With all of the fun, colour and vibrancy associated with Cinco de Mayo it might be something you’ll want to join in with. So, if you are planning to take part in a Cinco de Mayo parade or party, there are a lot of fancy dress outfits to choose from. At Karnival Costumes we've a whole range of Costumes and Costume Accessories suitable for adults and children which will be perfect for Cinco De Mayo.
Typically, Mexican women are known for their flowing dresses with swirling hemlines and it’s a great look for you to adopt for Cinco de Mayo. There are plenty of costumes which will have you looking every bit the true senorita. Alternatively why not join the Mariachi band or become the Mexican heroine of the iconic Zorro and the list doesn’t have to stop there.
Mariachi is a type of lively Mexican street music played by a band of trumpets and guitars and gaiety of the music is reflected in this classical women’s Mariachi costume which is based on a trouser suit. And if you want to create the perfect couples costumes, there is also a men’s version also available.
This super costume includes a jacket styled top, trousers, flowing red tie and the sombrero styled hat. The outfit is in black with a decorative white swirling design. It is also available in Plus Size.
For those wanting to be a Mariachi but fancy something a little more sensual, this will be the one for you and it’ll have you performing lively Mexican street music with the best of them. This is a modern take on the classic outfit but this one has a delightful mini skirt. Our Sexy Mariachi Costume for ladies makes a perfect couples costume when paired with the men’s version which is also available.
This super costume includes a jacket styled top, mini-skirt, tie and belt. The outfit is in black with a decorative white swirling design.
If you’re just looking for something colourful and simple to wear, why not grab this cute Mexican inspired dress which has delightful fringing and an all over print of chilli peppers and sombreros.
This super lady's Mexican costume is based on the dress only and is available in one size only and will be perfect as your Cinco de Mayo costume and for the men, there is a matching poncho making it a great couples outfit.
Blog image for Zorro Costumes for Women at Karnival Costumes
So you want to be the Mexican equivalent of our own Robin Hood – Zorro?  Well we have two options available for women with both a classic as well as a more sexy one from the Secret Wishes range by Rubies. In either you’ll look special when fighting for the rights of poor peasants and commoners. And if you take charge whilst wearing your lady's version of a swashbuckling Zorro costume you might even attract your own Antonio Banderas!
The contents of these costumes vary, but each is fully licensed and will have you looking just right!
Definitely the star of the show, this is our women’s Mexican Tequila Shooter fancy dress which with its short mini-dress, tequila bottle holster and shot glasses will have you stealing the show at this year’s Cinco de Mayo celebrations.
This stunning Mexican Tequila Shooter costume for women comprises of the mini-dress, holster and belt, shot glasses and sombrero but you’ll need to supply your own bottle of tequila! There is a similar men’s version of this outfit so it’s another great couples costume.
Being both sensual and yet classy at the same time, this Senorita Costume is a good choice as your Cinco de Mayo costume. It includes a black velvet dress with layered gold threaded lace trims and comes with a pretty choker. Add a lace fan, headpiece and flower decoration to completely finish off the look.
The fun of Cinco De Mayo celebrations is not solely restricted to women in their gaily coloured dresses and skirts, there is plenty of opportunity for men to get dressed up in Mexican themed costumes. From serious styles to funny costumes take your pick and let the style reflect your inner character.
To accompany our lady’s version of the licensed Zorro costume we have the exact style that will have you looking just like Antonio Banderas. Looking very Mexican Zorro is a superhero in the purest sense of the word, aiding and assisting the downtrodden and ensuring fair treatment for all.
This fully licenced costume includes a black shirt, pants with attached boot tops, cape, decorative belt, and headpiece with eye mask.
Ponchos are traditional to the South American population and are particularly popular among Hispanic peoples, so it should be no surprise that a Poncho Costume would make an ideal Cinco De Mayo Costume.  At Karnival Costumes we have a range of ponchos from traditional to the highly stylised. This costume will include only the poncho.
When the Mexican government and law enforcers were at their weakest, Bandidos who are simply bandits, thieves and outlaws effectively had the run of the country. Thankfully, times have changed and nowadays, although they are still spoken about, they have slipped back into folklore making them a great costume choice for Cinco De Mayo.
There are basically two different styles of Bandido Costume to choose from, the first is a deluxe fancy dress with shirt, trousers, waistcoat and scarf, whilst the other has a more rustic styling including a shirt, trousers and bullet belts. Add some fake dynamite and a classic sombrero and you’d be ready to ride along with them.
With a global appeal, the spicy flavour and unique taste of Mexican food finds it a place in most people’s food preferences. With Mexican restaurants cropping up all over the place Tacos can be found everywhere and are easily the most popular Mexican dish and have a rightful place in any celebration of Mexican culture and heritage. Moreover, a taco or chilli costume is a fun way to smile to the faces of everyone around.  These costumes are based on a one-piece bodysuit.
If you don’t fancy wearing a full costume then selecting a few simple Costume Accessories can transform even the plainest outfit or the simplest of costumes into something more appropriate.  Obviously, and regardless of sex, you must wear a moustache but for Cinco De Mayo, we've a range of costume accessories available that includes hats, moustaches, masks, flags, party decorations and much more.
With a collection of Sombreros to choose from you can select either a deluxe Mariachi style in black with elaborate decoration or a more simple rustic style in straw. Wear the rustic style with your Mexican Poncho and you’ll be immediately whisked off to the Cantina! This Sombrero is great as it protects you from the sun as well, a rather useful feature if you're thinking of taking part in a parade!
Without the mass of gizmos and indestructible add-ons associated with more modern superheroes, Zorro managed to win his battles with just a few sticks of dynamite, a sword and a bullwhip plus, of course, his guile and athleticism!
A classic for any Mexican costume and if it’s a fun costume party, either sex! In black with drooping sides, these are self-adhesive and designed for single use. If you use and remove this carefully, you can use it again by applying a little spirit gum.
So here we’ve outlined just a few ideas for costumes and accessories for your own Cinco de Mayo outfits. For more suggestions and ideas, and a full list of costumes, accessories and decorations, you should check out our Mexican page just one within our Around the World section and which will be perfect for Cinco de Mayo. Wishing you a great time!
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