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July 4th Independence Day Party Planning

Posted on 16th June 2015
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Independence Day Simple Party Planning

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Leaving aside the history surrounding the event from a British perspective, an Independence Day celebration party is not only a time to get together with any American friends you may know, it’s also a time to get together with your own friends and family.
For our American cousins, July 4th is a day to remember and appreciate what their founders did and sacrificed on their behalf. It's America’s greatest celebration with the whole nation attempting to set aside their differences. Each year, many Americans see Independence Day as a chance to forget about religious and political discrepancies and prejudices, and unite to celebrate their freedom.
Independence Day has become a day of hot dogs, fireworks, picnics and backyard barbecues all decorated in red, white and blue. Even in the UK, it’s now easy to find items decorated in a patriotic red, white and blue or Stars and Stripes theme. If you are planning your own celebration, and why not, even if it’s only a picnic in the park, you'll find everything you’ll need here at Karnival Costumes.
If you want to make your money go further, you can mix plain red, white and blue napkins which will give everything a USA feel.  Use these to line the bottom of bowls that will hold crisps and other dry snacks with red, white and blue napkins. Match these with small red, white and blue bowls for your dips and salads. Being an American celebration, entrees are easy to manage as everyone will expect foods hot off the BBQ grill with hot dogs, hamburgers or kebabs all of which will make the perfect party food. Use more of the themed napkins so that the red, white and blue colourway is continued through the event. Like any BBQ make sure that you have something for any vegetarians that will be attending as a salad sandwich will only go so far.   
With the food out of the way, an Independence Day party would be flat without some organised fun and entertainment to keep everyone amused whilst everyone waits for the traditional fireworks finale. Okay, you’ll have to leave the park for these but in the meantime why not try out something American like softball or volleyball, okay, you might have to read up on the rules of these and you’ll need some equipment but the fun and enjoyment will be worth the effort.
And for the finishing touch, most American parties have a finale of a cake topped and decorated with an American Flag, to create this use something like blueberries for the blue part of the U.S. flag and strawberries and whipped cream for the stripes. They call it cake although we would, more correctly, call it a gateau. Either way, it’ll make a superb finishing touch!
If you’re looking for a more British slant on this all-American celebration, then we would suggest making it an American themed costume party, with Uncle Sam et. al. Karnival Costumes has an extensive collection of USA themed fancy dress as well as American style decorations and Stars and Stripes tableware, here’s just a few examples:
Our Harlem Globetrotters basketball costume comprises of a sleeveless blue singlet or tank top which is edged with red and white braid and which has NBA Allstars decoration and golden stars on the front. This delightful basketball costume also includes a pair of long red and white striped shorts which have a wide red waistband.  Please note; the model is shown wearing his own socks, sweatband and wig - yes, it really is! He is also playing with his own basketball.
Breathe, see and drink through your Second Skin bodysuit which is an all over and stretchy suit. Your Captain America bodysuit is perfect for any budding superhero and it's sure to keep your identity a secret. In classic red, white and blue our Captain America costume is a bodysuit with an all-over hood as well as gloves and feet with additional printed details.
Uncle Sam Costume for Independence Day Parties by Widmann available from Karnival Costumes
Ref:  AJ008916
This is a glitzy stars and stripes costume which comprises of a long sleeved blue tailcoat jacket which features a wide red and white striped lapel and collar line. The tailcoat has a square cut front which is decorated with a chevron of white decorative buttons. The jacket is worn over a white shirt which has an attached frilled jabot which is hung outside of the coat as pictured. Included is a pair of red and white striped trousers and these have an elasticated waistband for a comfortable fit. This classical Uncle Sam costume, it's completed with a tall top hat which features a band of stars around the hat band.
Statue of Liberty Costume for American themed parties from Karnival Costumes
Ref:  BN0AC389
Join the hullabaloo in this terrific Statue of Liberty outfit which comprises of a flowing dress which features a high rounded neckline and an off the shoulder swag across the body. In reality, the costume looks a lot more like aged copper and a lot less blue than shown in the picture. Completing our Statue of Liberty costume is an easy to wear latex headpiece which has the decorative band of windows beneath the crown of spikes. Please note; the torch is available separately.
Statue of Liberty Torch to complete your American Independence Day Outfit from Karnival Costumes
Ref:  UR7BA027
Statue of Liberty Torch, an impressive 43cm in length. This is a classic item for American themed parties but as there a couple more Statues of Liberty around the world, you could adopt this fantastic rubber flaming torch for other countries. Made from rubber and realistically coloured, this is something no US themed event should be without. Will last for years if cared for and stored correctly.
Uncle Sam at available from Karnival Costumes
Ref:  US705653
Perfect for your July 4th celebrations and any other American party theme, this is a large red and white foam backed hat which as a wide blue hatband with white stars. The hat has a wide red hatband. By holding your arm out as the picture shows, you too can recreate that famous “Uncle Sam Needs YOU!” poster.
American themed tablecover by Folat available at Karnival Costumes
Ref:  US729653
The perfect tableware accessory for any American celebration, be it a July 4th party or USA costume party, this is a large, 180cm x 130cm, plastic tablecover which is printed with in the classic red, white and blue American Flag complete with the seal of the United States of America.
Ref:  US729652
The perfect tableware accessory for any American celebration, be it a July 4th party or USA costume party, these 25cm sq beverage napkins are in a 3 ply paper and are printed in the classic red, white and blue American Flag complete with the seal of the United States of America.
And don't forget this really is only a small selection of our Independence Day or American themed costumes and accessories so make sure you see them all before making your selection!
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