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Leprechauns - Real or Legend?

Posted on 2nd September 2013
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Leprechauns – Real or Legend?

Clown Logo of Karnival Costumes your Halloween specialists for Fancy Dress and Costume AccessoriesStories about Leprechauns have been part of Irish folklore throughout history with the Leprechaun legends describing a particular type or male fairy or faerie which it was said, inhabit Ireland. Many of these legends hark back to a time, before the arrival of the Celtic race to Ireland to a land inhabited by a race of people who were said to be small in stature.
And it is said through folklore, that it’s the Leprechauns and other creatures of Irish mythology who are responsible for the creation of "faerie forts" or "faerie rings" which even today can often be seen in the grasslands. Often these phenomena are found at the sites of ancient earthworks or drumlins dating back to Celtic occupation or earlier.
According to folklore these Leprechauns usually take the form of old men who enjoy partaking in mischief and pranks rather than sinister occurrences. Were these pre-Celtic settlers the real Leprechauns?
Leprechauns and the Pot of Gold
One of the most common attributes of all of the folklore that has grown up around the Leprechaun is that they each have a pot of gold and that , for safety, they are each buried at the end of a rainbow.  But where would such an accumulation of wealth have come from?  
Well, in all Leprechaun legend and almost every story and image associated with Leprechauns, they are depicted as being a cobbler or shoemaker.  And as such they would have been skilled artisan leather workers and tanners capable of producing much more than simply shoes. In addition, they would have produced such things as shields as well as clothing, bowls and buckets.  And as artisans they would have been paid handsomely for their skills. Their hard work, combined with their frugal lifestyle, which verged on being miserly, Leprechauns are said to be very rich with this accumulated gold being buried it in pots.
Now if you were to capture a Leprechaun and ask him where his pot of gold is kept, he has to answer you truthfully and tell you where it can be found.

Catching Your Leprechaun

According to Leprechaun legend, if someone was smart enough to capture one of these little fairies and you ask him where his treasure is buried while he is captured, he must be truthful and honest and tell you the location of his treasure. But he’d rather give you three wishes than tell you where his pot of gold is to be found. And being sly and full of mischief, if you opt for the three wishes, you’d better be careful what you wish for!
Now to catch you Leprechaun you’ll need to devise a trap that’s clever enough to outwit these masters of slyness.  Leprechaun traps are not too difficult to build. But from the outset, the most important thing is that YOU believe that Leprechauns are real. They know if you are a non-believer and will not appear anywhere near you unless you believe in them.
There is no right or wrong way to build your Leprechaun trap but you must be smart and know a lot about Leprechauns in-order to build a trap that will work.  Almost anything can be used to build your trap but it’s important to bait it well.  Folklore tells us that the Leprechaun is incredibly greedy so anything that looks like gold, coins or jewellery is sure to pique his interest. Once you have your trap, make sure it’s placed somewhere where the Leprechaun passes, watch out for the telltale signs of a trail of gold or green sparkle which is left by them as they travel. Set you trap and blend it into the surroundings and wait to see what you catch.   
If you do catch a Leprechaun keep an eye fixed upon him so that he cannot escape as the moment your gaze is withdrawn, even for a second, he’ll vanish and all of your hard work will have been for nothing!

A Symbol for Ireland

Everyone who visits Ireland falls in love with the idea of the Leprechaun and even those who’ve never been there have some understanding of the folklore and legends surrounding them. Popular as TV characters and as a movie theme, a Leprechaun will be readily invited to join any party. And a Leprechaun costume is easily the most recognisable Irish fancy dress. And a Leprechaun has even been used to brand a range of breakfast cereal.  Leprechaun costumes are available in a range of styles with both adult and children’s fancy dress being available. 
And if you don’t fancy wearing the complete Leprechaun costume then there are plenty of other Irish fancy dress accessories and party goods that have Leprechaun references on them so you needn’t miss out on the fun! As a theme, a Leprechaun costume is most closely associated with St Patricks Day parades (check out our Leprechaun Mascot Costume) and parties but there is a year long appreciation of all things Irish and who knows when you’ll be able to find that pot of gold?  
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