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More Easter Games

Posted on 8th January 2014
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More Easter Games for Adults and Children Alike!

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Although Easter for most of us heralds the return of some sunshine and warmth, it can, as we all know be a period of damp and miserable weather.  But it does bring with it the long weekend that is the Easter Holiday, one of the most eagerly awaited and loved by both adults and children alike.
Not only is it a time of religious reflection and thanks giving, it’s also a time of reunion with friends and family allowing a chance to catch up after the depths of the winter whilst the children get to go hunting for eggs left by Easter Bunny. But sometimes the Easter weather forces a change in plans and what was originally planned to be a leisurely hour or two watching the children hunt around for the bunny’s treats in the garden, becomes a rushed mad chase to hide some eggs and treats around the home and although it’s something and maintains tradition, it is unfortunately not enough to keep the kids happy and busy all Easter Sunday.
Fortunately there are other activities and games that can be quickly put together to keep your children entertained and actively involved without you having to resort to your craft box.

Easter Piñata

A piñata is a big hit, in more ways than one, at any party and the can, with care, be used inside.  Definitely a great way to allow the children to expel some of that pent up energy. Piñatas come in range of shapes and sizes and many7 are themed to the season, including as you’ve already guessed some which are appropriate for Easter!  With Easter being an important holiday there are a number of designs to choose from including piñatas in the shapes of eggs and bunnies. Once you have your piñata and you’ve selected a safe place to hang it, you’ll need to fill it with small (wrapped) sweets and paper streamers.  If you want, you could add a few small soft toys or chocolate bunnies to add to the surprise when it is smashed open. Whilst doing your shipping, don’t forget to pick up your piñata streamers, decorated stick and blindfold.  You should be able to get these at the same time as buying your piñata.

Having a piñata game can get extreme so always ensure that you have enough space and so that each child can take a turn trying to break the piñata safely. Remember that you must have it at a safe height, because if the objects inside fall from too high of a height there could be an injury. Also, it needs to be attached to something sturdy so that neither it, nor the object it’s tied to can fall. Apply some common sense and you’ll have found a fun and safe way to entertain everyone.

Pin the Egg in the Basket

This is closely based on the old party game of pin the tail on the donkey, and is just one of a number of variations that you can make on the game.  Pin the Easter Egg in the Basket is just one of these and in this variation you’ll need a cut out of the Easter Basket, which should be colourfully decorated and it should have a number of eggs already pictured in it and a dotted outline for the one that’s missing.  This dotted outline is the target and it’s the child’s egg that is nearest that wins the prize.  So in addition to the decorated basket, you’ll need one or more cut-out eggs.  These you can make in advance, either all decorated the same with names written on them, or if you have a lot of time to fill with the children, you can give them the cutouts so that they can colour and paint their own. 
Once you have everything assembled, add a small piece of double sided tape to the back of each egg – make sure it’s in the same place on each egg, so that it’s the same for everyone. Hang your cut-out Easter basket at the right height and in a safe position and you’re ready to play.  If the idea of using tape and marking your walls is horrifying you, you could use Bluetack or something similar. 

The game is played the same as pin the tail on the donkey. Each child is blindfolded In turn, and they are spun three times so they are slightly disoriented. They are then set off in the general direction of the basket and have to pin the egg in the correct position. Pinned correctly, and it looks like the egg is nestling along with all of the others. Guidance can be given by the other children as they try to pin the egg in the right place. Easy to set up and very easy to play we wouldn’t be surprised if you’re already coming up with your own family version of the game and how about using chocolate eggs for the winner or winners, in our family we have winners for the nearest boy, nearest girl, nearest x year old, and nearest person called xxxxx, yep, everyone wins at some point in our house!

So there you are, two easy and fun filled ideas to keep the children busy and happy at your Easter gathering regardless of the weather, and if it’s nice you could still play these outdoors.  And these are the happy memories of the Easter holidays that children will remember for years and then pass on to their own families when the time is right.
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