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National Bubba Day - June 2nd

Posted on 31st May 2013
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At Karnival Costumes we love the wild and whacky and we're always on the lookout for a crazy idea for a costume party. Well our friends at Holiday Insights tell us that June 2nd every year is National Bubba Day. Created as a day of celebration in honour of all of those called Bubba and to qualify to be honoured on the day, you need to be either formally or informally named Bubba.  And do know what, theses Bubbas are such a friendly bunch they don't even mind if you call yourself Bubba just of the day as they truely want everyone to be able to celebrate the day.
For those of us outside the United States, as well as being a given name, bubba descibes the relationship nickname corrupted from the original brother by those in the South and is given to boys, especially eldest male siblings, indicating their role and position within the family hiearchy. For some, the trem is used so pervasively that it replaces the original given name extending to common usage outside of the circle of family and friends. This is the meaning that the Day celebrates. Look it's not that we are forgetting that Bubba is Yiddish for Grandma, may you God protect you if you ever did!  
We think the best way to celebrate National Bubba Day is with a costume party. You can base your character on any of the famous Bubba's - Church, the famous Baseball player, Paris the former National Football star, Wells the Basketball player and Watson the PGA Tour golfer, for these see our Sportsmen and Women Costumes. And even Bill Clinton, the 42nd president of the United States was called Bubba - grab your mask and any dark suit, white shirt and tie would be fine. For those looking towards fiction for inspiration, what about the horror character Leatherface or Bubba Sawyer? This will allow you to get soe additional wear from your Halloween costume! Probably the most famous is Benjemin Buford Bubba Blue from the epic movie Forrest Gump - any US military fancy dress costume should do and if you want gore, why not go for the dying repose in the jungle....
So with the ongoing popularity of Duck Dynasty and with plenty of party ideas what more can you want to hold your own National Bubba Day party.....  And for an extra taster, here's an extract from the recent 2013 Bubba Bash -- enjoy!
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