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National Lasagna Day

Posted on 9th May 2014
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Okay, let’s get straight to the elephant in the room. National Lasagna Day, we’ve got to be joking right! Well, actually no, we are not. July 29th 2014 has been officially designated as National Lasagna Day and the dish of flat pasta sheets inter-mixed with layers of sauce and other ingredients will be celebrated worldwide by, er… lots of people.
In reality there is not a lot of evidence as to the origin and purpose of this special day; nor why the date was selected but it most probably started out simply as an advertising gimmick for an Italian restaurant or catering chain to promoting the eating of the dish, the recipe for which has been around since the 14th century, at least once a year.
What we like is the fact that the celebration of this global event provides a fantastic opportunity for another themed costume party and another that we can add to our party calendar.  And clearly the obvious theme is an Italian costume party which will allow you to either go all out for the pizzeria look or to grab your best frock to become one of the pretty people.  Within the summer of fun that we’re all experiencing it’s time to join the rest of the world and enjoy another party.
In other blogs we have discussed in depth the steps and processes involved in creating the perfect party and these ideas can easily be adapted to suit the Italian theme and all you’ll need is the spirit of Italy. In this blog we want to take a little time to look at some of the best costume ideas for your Italian fancy dress and accessories;

Italian Costume Ideas

Istant Chef from a collection of Italian outfits at Karnival Costumes
Away from the national pizza chains where a branded tee-shirt appears to be the norm, we all expect our food to be prepared and cooked by a chef who is dressed as we would expect.  And with this super value Instant Chef outfit which comprises of a white jacket and the traditional chef’s hat, you’ll look the part perfectly.
Italian Footballer Girl from a collection of outfits from Karnival Costumes
Definitely a great look and you may even have this from your collection of World Cup party fancy dress this is an ideal costume for ladies. A great costume idea for any themed Italian fancy dress party, this super sexy outfit comprises of the Italian football jersey and a pair of cute white shorts which are edged with blue. Both the shirt and the shorts are nicely finished and include both the national badge and player number.
Slice of Pizza costume from a collection at Karnival Costumes
Can there be anything more Italian than pizza? Er, that is, of course excluding Lasagna. Our Slice of Pizza costume, which is also available in a child’s size, is the perfect fun costume which will definitely have you serving up the laughs at any party. Easy to wear, this is simply worn over the head and there you are; a pizza slice with all the toppings! Add a plain black top and trousers for the best look.
Naughty Italian Waiter costume from a collection at Karnival Costumes

Okay, every now and then they develop a costume that’s a little on the naughty side and this is one of them.  We’re sure you already know where this is going and just one look at the picture will let your mind fill in all the blanks! This is a super costume from the Rasta Imposta range and comprises of a dark apron which carries the rather catchy slogan ‘nobody beats our sausage’ and which has an attached bowl of pasta, one of the famous sausages and a couple of meatballs!

Italian Costume Accessories

Italian Fedora from a collection at Karnival Costumes
For those looking for the perfect finishing piece this is a superb felt fedora hat in the colours of the Italian flag. Ideal for both men and women, this is a super hat which will be ideal for both sporting events as well as just a visit to the local pizzeria.
An alternative for a hat, this bandana or scarf is great for tying around the head to create a super look. In green, white and red of the Italian flag this is perfect for showing your national pride or simply for keeping the sun off of your head!
Italian Wig for Men from a collection at Karnival CostumesItalian Wig for Women from a collection of supporters wigs at Karnival Costumes

Wigs in Italian Colours

If the idea of wearing a hat doesn’t appeal, then perhaps a wig would suit better and both of these are in red, white and green the colours of the Italian flag.
Italian eyelashes from a collection at Karnival Costumes
Perfect for the lady who really wants to get into the spirit of Italy these false eyelashes in green, white and red of the Italian flag and they are great for fluttering at any dishy waiter or pizzeria owner.
Everyone loves the opportunity to get into some fancy dress and the globally recognised event that is National Lasagna Day offers a perfect time to buy something new for your costumes collection so check out the costumes and accessories that we have for in our national country fancy dress, as well as the items above you’ll find plenty to choose from.  
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