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Oktoberfest Songs

Posted on 30th September 2013
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OKTOBERFEST Song and Dance

Clown Logo of Karnival Costumes your Halloween specialists for Fancy Dress and Costume AccessoriesAlong with 6 million other revellers attending the Oktoberfest celebrations in Munich this year you’ll need to learn some of the traditional drinking songs that will be often repeated during the ongoing party. Though the city at lots of locations, not only the huge beer tents, live bands play traditional German Oompah music associated with Oktoberfest.  There are also some very popular songs and toasts that are belted out at every occasion.
From early in the morning, usually start around 11 AM, which after the night before is plenty early enough, bands start playing the more traditional Oompah style of music associated with the Oktoberfest celebrations switching to a younger style in the afternoon as the party really starts to get underway.  You’ve dressed yourself in the right Oktoberfest costume and you’ve got all of the necessary accessories including your Bavarian styled hat so now you need to join in the fun.
During any toast that’s made, continue to make eye contact across the table and whatever happens don’t get caught with an empty mug.  It’s also important to learn the words to the toast and then join in and sing out loud.  This is not the time to be timid and reserved!
The most popular drinking toast is Ein Prosit which is a drink to good health. We’ve included both the German lyrics as well as an English translation for this Oktoberfest song with the last element; “Oans, Zwoa, Drei! G’suffa!” should be belted out with real gusto. 
Ein Prosit German Lyrics to Ein Prosit Oktoberfest Song:
Ein Prosit, ein Prosit; Der Gemütlichkeit; Ein Prosit, ein Prosit; Der Gemütlichkeit; OANS ZWOA DREI! G’SUFFA!
Ein Prosit (A Toast) English Translation to Ein Prosit Oktoberfest Song:
A toast, a toast; To cheer and good times; A toast, a toast To cheer and good times; ONE TWO THREE! DRINK UP
In addition to the toast, Oktoberfest involves a lot of dancing as well as just swaying. But maybe that was just my imagination as it had been a lengthy time in the beer tent! No, I’m sure it was a form of dance…  Swaying from side to side whilst sitting down is fine but most dancing by patrons in tents is done on the benches so as to allow the waitresses to continue to bring more beer which they would be prevented from doing if everyone was in the aisles!  Dancing on the tables is strictly off limits no matter how much you’ve drunk and will usually result in a speedy exit. So get up and dance on your bench for as long as you like!
Probably the most popular song for Oktoberfest is Cowboy und Indianer, surely you don’t need a translation for this, which was originally recorded by Olaf Henning, a German singer in 2000. The song was accompanied by a catchy and easy to learn dance which could be perform whilst staying in the same spot making it an almost instant hit with Oktoberfest visitors. You would impress others if you were to learn this before you attend Oktoberfest.
Cowboy und Indianer, or Cowboys and Indians is closely associated with the lasso dance which made it an Oktoberfest hit. Full of double meaning you can read the translated lyrics here. You should also note that the video here is the published version and when performed at Oktoberfest there are some slight gesture changes and the emphasis is changed to reflect the double entendre of the lyrics.
And if you’re not lucky enough to be planning to attend the Munich celebrations, why not plan your own celebration?  Many supermarkets stock the specialist beers traditionally drunk at Oktoberfest as well as many of the snacks and at Karnival Costumes we have a whole section devoted to Oktoberfest and we carry stock all year round of Oktoberfest costumes, accessories and party goods as well as having a huge selection of themed traditional blue and white Bavarian decorations. Download a few Oompah tunes, learn the words and the lasso dance routine for Cowboy Und Indianer and the words and tune to Ein Prosit and you’ll be well on your way to a great night!
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