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Organising an EASTER EGG HUNT with a Difference

Posted on 7th April 2014
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Organising an EASTER EGG HUNT with a Difference

Clown Logo of Karnival Costumes your Halloween specialists for Fancy Dress and Costume AccessoriesFancy making this year’s Easter Egg Hunt a little different? If your children are getting a little too old for the a traditional egg hunt or perhaps they are now a little too clever and are finding all of your hidden treats a little too quickly? Well if this year you don’t want them finding the stash of chocolate eggs left by the Easter Bunny quite so easily, why not do something different to make the hunt a little more complicated and more interesting?
As your children were growing up we tired of spending more time putting the eggs around the garden than they seemed to spend finding them all so we looked for an easy idea to bring some more fun back into the hunt as well as making it less competitive. We found a great idea which allows all of the egg seekers to work individually in finding the clues but which then brings them all together to work as a team to achieve the ultimate prize. The idea is based I combining a traditional Easter Egg Hunt but rather than be searching for eggs and treats, in this case the it’s been combined with a scavenger hunt with the ultimate prize being found by solving a map made up of each of the individual parts found by the seekers.  Creating the map couldn’t be simpler as we found that our local craft store sold blank jigsaw puzzles which we simply drew the map on. We quickly found that it was best to laminate the pieces as a little rain the first year made it trickier than it needed to be – and therefore more frustrating for the little ones - to reassemble the pieces into the final map.  
You’ll find that you don’t need to create a puzzle that has too many pieces and obviously for younger ones fewer pieces will be required and the less complicated the final map needs to be. The best events have enough pieces to keep the interest and let the excitement of the ultimate prize grow and have a final map that is not too complicated to solve. We’ve even found that computer supply stores and photo shops have blank jigsaws that can be printed directly from your computer.
If you are creative and prefer to make your own clue board from scratch, or perhaps you’ve just left it late in the planning, like we all do occasionally, you can design your own map onto craft card or thick paper and then cut it out into inter-locking pieces. If your doing this, if gives you the chance to cut out and stick on some traditional Easter shapes which you can cut around. This is sometimes a better idea if you have smaller children as the pieces will slot together more easily.
Even if you are creating the jigsaw yourself or using a computer editing tool, there are plenty of available free to use clip-art images and if you’re not printing it directly onto a jigsaw blank, you could print these out and then securely glue them down within your own image.  
Once the hunt for the pieces starts, you have a choice as to whether the pieces should be returned to the Easter Bunny and the jigsaw assembled as they are found, which always risks the older kids trying to pre-guess the answer, sneaking off and finding the prize early, or you can assemble the jigsaw once all the pieces have been retrieved which tends to make the hunt and the fun last a little longer. And don’t forget, if the Easter Bunny is to be a guest at the Easter Egg Hunt you’ll find a great selection of Easter fancy dress here at Karnival Costumes. 
This is a great idea and can be scaled to suit most group sizes and children’s ages. The same scavenger hunt principles can also be applied to most party themes making this an ideal outdoor party game for any birthday or costume party for children.
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