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Penguin Awareness Day 2016

Posted on 17th January 2016
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Penguin Awareness Day 2016. How are you going to celebrate - Penguin costume anyone?

Penguin Awareness Day

Clown Logo of Karnival Costumes Penguin Awareness Day takes place on January 20, 2016. Penguins are a group of aquatic, flightless birds living almost exclusively in the Southern Hemisphere, especially in Antarctica. Highly adapted for life in the water, penguins have counter-shaded dark and white plumage, and their wings have evolved into flippers. Penguins spend about half of their lives on land and half in the oceans.

Penguins are superbly adapted to aquatic life. Their vestigial wings have become flippers, useless for flight in the air. In the water, however, penguins are astonishingly agile. Penguins' swimming looks very similar to bird's flight in the air. Within the smooth plumage a layer of air is preserved, ensuring buoyancy. The air layer also helps insulate the birds in cold waters. On land, penguins use their tails and wings to maintain balance for their upright stance.

Penguins either waddle on their feet or slide on their bellies across the snow, a movement called "tobogganing", which conserves energy while moving quickly. They also jump with both feet together if they want to move more quickly or cross steep or rocky terrain (with material from: Wikipedia).
Penguin Awareness Day Celebration
Why not arrange something special for this Penguin Awareness Day, you could take your children to the zoo or sit down as a family and watch Happy Feet, Surfs Up or even watch a documentary on these much loved creatures or alternatively, you could throw a costume party! You could create a fish themed menu including fish, shrimps or even simple sushi. Definitely no chocolate Penguin biscuits as that would be cannibalism – boom, boom! Send out penguin themed invitations and make sure that everyone comes in fancy dress. And if you want the best penguin costumes then at Karnival Costumes we’ve got probably the best selection for you to choose from and here we’ve listed just our top five;

Penguin costume for adults AN0AC796

Penguin Costume

This is one of our most popular outfits and its a winner year after year. This Penguin costume comprises of a long sleeved hooded tunic which is mainly black and which features a large white inset panel and a high rounded neckline.  The sleeves of the tunic are enclosed creating the perfect costume flipper. The neck of the tunic is decorated with a large bright red bow-tie and the hood has attached eyes and a padded yellow beak. Included with this super penguin fancy dress outfit is a pair of bright yellow overshoes. 

Comical Penguin costume by Rasta Imposta available from Karnival Costumes

Comical Penguin Costume

Let the toe tapping commence all across the ice with our adult sized comical Penguin fancy dress costume which comprises of a long length, wide flippered penguin suit which has a bright white front.  As this is a smart penguin, the neckline is completed with a large bright red bow-tie and the suit has an attached penguin's headpiece with an open face. The attached headpiece has an orange beak. This comical penguin costume is completed with pair of bright yellow leggings and penguin feet.

Penguin Bodysuit by Smiffys 20175 and available from Karnival CostumesPenguin Bosysuit

One of the latest crazes around these all over bodysuits are the perfect disguise and are great for the person who actually wants to stand out in the crowd. Our Penguin bodysuit is a black stretch suit which features a white chest front and which comes with everything you need to turn you into the perfect candidate for a role in Happy Feet. The suit includes an all over hood as well as gloves and feet and made into a penguin by the addition of a bright red bow-tie, yellow beak, hat and bright yellow shoe covers.
Baby Penguin by Widmann EJ01980P and available from Karnival Costumes
From our Fuzzys range this is our delightful Baby Penguin costume. This very cute penguin outfit comprises of a one piece hooded jumpsuit which is made from a fuzzy fabric.  Primarily in black, this long sleeved jumpsuit has a high neckline and a long zipper at the front.  The cuffs of the sleeves and the ankles are gently elasticated and the ankles are trimmed with a dark yellow fabric which creates the look of the feet. The chest of the suit and some of the facial features are picked out in a similarly fuzzy white fabric and the headpiece also has the eyes and the beak attached.

Kid's Comical Penguin ER0CC654 available from Karnival CostumesComical Penguin

Comical Penguin fancy dress costume which comprises of a black headpiece with open face. The headpiece has chin ties and features penguin's eyes and bright yellow beak. This is worn with a black long sleeved (er...winged er... flippered) body suit with a contrasting white penguin front. The wings (or whatever we've decided to call them) have integrated gloves so that plenty of flapping can take place but no eating of sweets!. Our kid's comical penguin fancy dress is completed with a pair of bright yellow penguin feet.
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