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Quick and Easy Easter Crafts for your little ones

Posted on 23rd March 2016
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Simple Easter Craft ideas for families

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If the Easter holiday looks like keeping you indoors with your little ones then you might be in need of some inspiration as to how to keep them amused as you watch frustratingly as the raindrops run down the window panes.
In this blog we’ve put together a few simple ideas that should keep them amused for a while at least. All are simple and most use just a few household materials but, as we’re sure you’ve already found out, a little preparation makes life so much easier! So have the materials on stand-by just in case you can’t get to join the Easter Bunny for fun and games outside.  
Papier mache eggs
All of the children we know love to get messy and this can be quite a messy craft, so they’ll love it and have a great time! And once they’ve mastered the skill, you can apply the idea to almost any season.
You will need: balloons; flour; water; newspaper; plain paper; strip of card (optional); poster paints.
What to do:
Blow up your balloon to the size that you want your egg to be and tie a knot in the end. Now mix the flour and water in an approximate ratio of 2/3 water to 1/3 flour until you achieve a creamy, lump free, consistency.
Cut or rip the newspaper into thin strips and dip into the flour and water mixture. Position the strips on the balloon, overlapping them on each other until the balloon is completely covered and only a little gap remains around the neck. Make sure the layers are as smooth as possible.
When the balloon is covered in tow or three layers of newspaper repeat the process with the plain paper until all the newspaper is no longer shows through. Leave to dry completely - this may take several days so this is perhaps a topic best started at the beginning of the holidays.
When dry, stick a pin in one end to burst the balloon, remove it and seal over the hole. Decorate with poster paints and any other craft materials that you have to hand. If you want to hang the egg up, attach the strip of card as a loop.
Egg head
You will need: eggshell; cotton wool; paints; felt tip pens; empty toilet roll tube; grass seeds or salad cress seeds.

What to do:
Carefully cut the top of the egg trying to keep as much of the shell as you can in one piece. Pour out the egg and wash out and gently dry the eggshell.
Paint or draw a face on the egg with the cut to the top and decorate the toilet roll tube as you want.
Fill the bottom of the eggshell with damp cotton wool and sprinkle with some grass or salad cress seeds on top. Sit the shell on top of the toilet roll tube to complete your egg head person.
Leave it in a warm and sunny place and continue to water every day. Your egg head’s 'hair' should start growing within a few days.
Easter crowns
If your child isn’t keen on making and wearing an Easter Bonnet; how about getting them to make an Easter crown?  These are a fun alternative and can be easily made using a cereal box so it’s worth holding onto an empty one when it comes along.
You will need: good size cereal box; craft decorations like feathers, felt, flowers etc; paint; glue
What to do:
Open the cereal box up along the 'join', flatten and then cut a 10-15cm (ish) wide strip across the whole packet, so you get a rectangular strip long enough to fit round the head. If you can’t find an old cereal packet you’ll need a length of card approx 40-45cm in length and 10-15cm wide.
Cut a zigzag or wavy edge along the top of the strip for the top of the crown. Get your child to paint the grey side of the packet in Easter colours – usually background pastel shades of pink or blue.
When the paint is dry, stick the edges of the packet back together to make the correct size crown shape. Decorate with tissue paper flowers, foam shapes, eggs, chicks or whatever else inspires them to think about Easter!
By raiding your store cupboard and their craft box you’ll be able to create some magical memories as the paste hits the floor and eggs explode all over the kitchen! But once the mess is cleared away and the Easter crafts are decorating your home you’ll all have a big beaming smile and we bet it’s stopped raining by now so dress them up like the Easter Bunny himself and let’s get outside for the Easter Egg Hunt!
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