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Seven Tips to Consider Before You Throw a Party

Posted on 1st October 2015
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Seven Party Planning Tips


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Everyone loves to party and as we move into one of the busiest party seasons around Halloween and Christmas, we thought we’d kick back a bit and a quick look at some of the important things to consider when you’re considering throwing your own party.  As we said, everyone love parties be it kids or adults they are always eager to attend a good party. And no matter how great your guest list is, a good party is only ever going to be as good as the planning that takes place beforehand. Get it right and your guests will let their hair down and really enjoy themselves, get it wrong……
So, if we haven’t put you off completely, here are some of the things that you should look out for even before you get down to the detailed planning of the guest list!
Theme:  Most popular parties are deigned around a theme which means that having an idea for something unusual and unique will stand you apart from the rest.  Take Halloween. The safe option is to just tell people that you are having a Halloween party and let them choose what costume they will pick. You’ve set the scene with hanging spiders and zombie posters and in walks your first guests; Batman and Cinderella! Need to say more. If you pick a theme make it fairy specific, if you like zombies and want to create your own Zombie Apocalypse, then tell people and then keep to it, but in picking a theme, make sure it suits your guests….zombies and five year olds don’t mix well!
Budget:  Got bottom less pockets?  We haven’t and therefore a touch of realism comes in handy. Great parties don’t always need masses of money being spent but they do need careful planning and perhaps planning and creativity rise and the budgets dwindle! And one tip, when you’ve set your budget plan to it and then stick to it.
Location or Venue: Sometimes this is done before the theme is chosen as the final venue selected can have an impact on the themes available for you to choose from.
Fun and Games or Entertainment:  Obviously for children’s parties fun and games are important as attention will wander off (and sometimes completely lose itself) if it’s not stimulated and amused and this is where games come in.  Plan a series of games which can either be played back to back or with intervals of music and dancing (rushing around)! Be realistic in how long each game will take and try to mix moving games (pin the….) with sitting games (pass the parcel) so as not to let boredom set in. For adults, however, no party is complete without music and having a good DJ (or skilled guest) is a must. A good selection of music will make any event more memorable. If your budget can’t stretch to hiring a DJ, how about hiring some snazzy disco lights and making your own music compilation on whatever device you prefer?
Decoration:  Good decoration, thought out and planned, can transform the mundane into something truly special and with Halloween and Christmas parties this never truer. Make an effort with the decoration – keeping within the boundaries of your chosen theme, and you’ll transport your guests away from their everyday live to a place of your creation.
Guest List:  Obviously, without guests all your planning will go to naught. What we would say here is that giving your guests plenty of notice is essential in the busy party season that we are entering; it’s also a way of avoiding embarrassing party classes!
Food and Drink:  If it’s a party of friends, don’t be afraid to ask for help and for people to bring a dish. One of the best ways is to turn it into a light-hearted competition ‘Scariest Platter’ or something similar with a small prize for the winner. The food should not only be tasty, but it should be attractive and keep to the theme if possible. Dressing the buffet table with themed decorations and tableware, napkins etc is also a good way of reinforcing the party theme.
Obviously the major differences in any party will be the audience that it’s aimed at; adults and kids. For kids, party gatherings are usually with their own age-group with decorations being colourful and bright and plenty of games to entertain. As we get older, we seem to prefer environments with more muted colours and lower lighting levels but toe tapping music is a must.
And yes, we’ve avoided the teenage years and their parties as anything we say about them will be met with ‘whatever’ or worse! All we’ll say about their parties is that however laughable you might think it sounds, we’d suggest you have a guest list which is absolute, and they you have either a couple of responsible adults or even hired professional bouncers take care of only admitting those people on the list!
At Karnival Costumes we’ve a huge selection of party goods including disposable tableware as well as our famed collection of fancy dress costumes and accessories.  If you can think up the theme, we think you’ll find the outfits here! 
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