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Sixties Fashion - The Miniskirt and 60s Fancy Dress Costumes

Posted on 20th May 2014
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Sixties Fashion - The Miniskirt and 60s Fancy Dress Costumes

Clown Logo of Karnival Costumes your Halloween specialists for Fancy Dress and Costume AccessoriesFor years the English had always been thought of as being a reserved bunch but this myth was well and truly exploded when the miniskirt appeared on the scene around the middle years of the Swinging Sixties.
Many claim that the style was invented by British designer Mary Quant and it’s true that she was definitely a leading force in the London based fashion industry. But there is some debate as to whether it was French designers or our Mary who actually came up with the idea, it was said to have caused controversy and car crashes wherever it was worn. Although the miniskirt is a small article of clothing, it quickly became the ultimate symbol of London as being the trend setting; youth pop culture capital of the world.
And despite its obvious appeal to us today, when it was worn in the sixties the miniskirt caused enough of a stir to be both welcomed and deplored in equal measure and in both cases largely by men. What was seen by some as an exciting enhancement of the youthful female form was seen by others as further decline in public morals following the birth of the Rock and Roll era during which found young people rejecting much of their parents past and discovering their own voice.
And as each generation needs something new to champion, the miniskirt was one of the emblems of this ongoing rebellion and more significantly, for the first time in fashion history, the young designers were leading the old stalwarts into becoming more daring with their own designs.
The mini has been celebrated in films and song and it made an almost immediate jump from the fashion catwalks and the slender models of the day, namely Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton, to the streets. The skirts themselves had hems raised typically 4-7inches above the knee but in swinging London, the heart of the miniskirts’ explosion, they went a lot shorter than that!
So if you’re planning a sixties fancy dress party and you’re reaching for an iconic mini-skirt or mini-dress 60s costume then remember that you’re adopting a fashion that caused almost as much stir as the Flapper fashions of the early twenties. And there are plenty of themed sixties costumes to choose from, most reflecting the geometric designs of the time as well as the elevated hemline.
Here we’ll just take a look at our three most popular mini-dress inspired sixties costumes;
1960s Mod Girl Fancy Dress Costume from Karnival Costumes
1960s Mod Doll Costume
Ideal for any celebration of the 1960s this is a delightful as well as affordable lady’s costume which perfectly reflects the fashions of the time. Ideal for partying, this is a sleeveless black and white mini-dress which has blue and pink geometrically design accents. This Mod Doll dress is an ideal 60s fancy dress and features a PVC peaked cap in white to complete your transformation back to the swinging sixties.  
Pink Hippie Dress from a collection of 60s fancy dress at Karnival Costumes
Pink Hippie Dress Costume
The perfect cross-over fashion between the sixties and seventies but staying true to the mini dress fashion, this is a floaty Hippie dress in a pretty floral design. A nice scooped neckline and highlighted with mauve accents this delightful 60s dress comes complete with headband, choker and perfect to reflect the times, a pair of white boot covers.
1960s Groovy Girl Costume from Karnival Costumes
1960s Groovy Girl Costume
Perfectly reflecting the fabric design and styles of the time, this is a super example of the fashion of the time for ladies.  This is a black sleeveless mini-dress which has a geometric squared design to the front. The dress has a high rounded neckline and it comes complete with a matching black cap.
It’s well known that everyone loves the opportunity to get into some fancy dress and party the night away adopting the persona of someone from another period of time. And apart from the Eighties which still remains the most popular decade to party in, the Sixties is a terrific period of time to get something new for your costumes collection so check out our collection of Historical Fancy Dress, you’ll find plenty to choose from. 
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