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Some Ideas for Christmas Costumes Perfect for That Party!

Posted on 5th December 2013
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Karnival Costumes Blog Banner for the Perfect Christmas Party CostumesSome Ideas for christmas costumes perfect for your party

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With the coming of Christmas there could be no better excuse to have some fun and go out wearing a fancy dress costume. After Halloween, the period around Christmas and the celebrations at the New Year are probably the second most popular time of year for wearing adult fancy dress costumes.
With lots of parties and events being organised by your work colleagues, family or simply just a bunch of mates, someone will usually suggest that fancy dress is the order of the day! It’s the perfect way to get the party going and to get everyone talking to each other. It can be sophisticated, it can be silly either way wearing a fancy dress costume allows the person wearing it to take on a completely different character if they want.
And, of course, dressing up at Christmas is not all about going out to parties. For many, this is the time to dress up as something Christmassy for the enjoyment of their children. The clear winner here is a Santa Costumes as it the favourite choice by far, sending most kids into hyper-excitement the moment you walk into the room. That an obvious Christmas costume and not really the subject of this blog post. Rather we want to address some of the more unusual Christmas costumes that will make you stand out from all of the Santas in the room!
Karnival Costumes blog image for our Super Reindeer fancy dress costume for men Ref: AQ036215 at www.karnival-house.co.uk your party dress up specialists
First up we have the Super Reindeer Costume.  Okay, we all know that Santa gets all of the credit at this time of the year but without Rudolph and his mates, there would be NO present deliveries! It’s a great way of thinking about it and definitely works as a chat up line (well with other reindeer that is).  The rippling muscles of the Super Reindeer costume will ensure that you have the interest of the sexy Miss Santas and Santa's Elves at the party.  And as you would expect at Karnival Costumes, we’ve a selection of other Reindeer fancy dress costumes including mascot styles.
Karnival Costumes blog image for our Christmas Cracker Fancy Dress Costume ref: AQ028023 at www.karnival-house.co.uk your dress up specialists
We the woman out to trap herself a hunky Rudolph, there are a couple of alternative reindeer costumes, our Miss Vixen costume with it’s marabou trim, delicate red bow decorations and golden sequin antlers or our popular Sassy Reindeer fancy dress, a sexy little number in fawn with a pair of brown felt antlers delicately trimmed. Actually we wonder who’ll be chasing who!
Now, given that everyone likes to pull a cracker at Christmas, give yourself a head start with our Christmas Cracker Costume which is a bright blue with plenty of shiny silver accents making you instantly recognisable. So if you are looking to pull at the party, there is simply no better Christmas fancy dress to do it in.Karnival Costumes blog image for our Genie Lamp fancy dress costume Ref: US024906 at www.karnival-house.co.uk your dress up specialists
And whilst we’re in the risqué world of double entendre, what better time can there be to introduce the Genie in the Lamp costume which should get howls of laughter.  The jokes surrounding this super Christmas fancy dress we’ll leave entirely to you but most of them will, no doubt, be around ‘making your wish come true’.
Next we should take a look at our Snowman costumes which are perfect for parties through to late winter, unless it’s uncommonly mild and even then you could get away wearing it by wearing it with a straw hat, tall drink whilst continually mopping your brow with a hanky AND not only that, you’ll also have the perfect excuse for that puddle you’ve left in the middle of the carpet! Anyway, we’ve a collection of Snowman Fancy Dress Costumes and they are always popular. From cute versions for children through to mascot sized snowman costumes it’s always amusing Karnival Costumes blog image for our affordable Luxury Snowman fancy dress costume for men Ref: US024906 at www.karnival-house.co.ukto others as you try to squeeze yourself through doorways and bump into the buffet table!  And if Mr Snowman is looking for Mrs Snowman you know we’ll have a selection for the ladies so all you have to do is learn the words to “Walking in the Air” and perfect your falsetto high-pitch singing voice.
If you fancy something a little more unusual but staying within the ‘chilly theme’, then we have a selection of Eskimo costumes for both men and women and we’ve also got an Abominable Snowman costume. Whacky yes, but will there be another one at the party?Karnival Costumes blog image for our sexy Eskimo fancy dress costume for women Ref: BS003422 at www.karnival-house.co.uk your party dress up specialists
Should you want to hark back to the very roots of Christmas, we have the complete Jesus Costume which, providing you stay tasteful and respectful you should continue to get smiles rather than cause upset. So not one for the drinker but definitely one for the designated driver as they’ll be the most righteous person in the room in more ways than one!
So there you have it, just some of the more unusual Christmas costumes that you can select. And if you do want to be Father Christmas and nothing else will do, then at least be the original Saint Nicklaus Costume of old fashioned robes and mitre at least that way you’ll stand out from the crowd at your Christmas fancy dress costume party.
And for those who just haven’t got the time to get dressed up but who still want to join in the fun, take a look at our selection of Christmas Hats where you’ll find everything from the traditional Santa Hat to a comical Stuffed Turkey Hat and guess who the stuffing is!
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