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Spain; as British as Fish and Chips

Posted on 27th April 2015
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Spain as British as Fish and Chips!

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Before you go planning your Spanish themed costume party, it’ll be worth having a look at some of the facts about the Country and its people. Okay the headline is almost heresy for any red blooded Englishman, but hold on a bear with us and we’ll attempt to explain all. Firstly, let’s just say that we know what Spain is famous for; things like: red wine, paella, extraordinary architecture, stunning art and some of the best football teams in the world. However, there is a lot more to the country than just these headliners so here are a few facts about Spain that you probably didn’t know about this stunning country.
1. Fish ‘n’ Chips
Okay, let’s get to the elephant in the room. How can we put any doubt on the heritage of fish and chips? Surely it’s as British as, er Fish and Chips. We all say it almost everyday but the truth is that it might actually have come from Spain, as Spaniards claim to have invented the dish and that we imported from them through our trading ties through Cadiz. We’ll leave it to you to decide. So it’s British then, right?
2. Second Best?
Spain is the second largest country in Western Europe, with France claiming top spot. It is comes second in the most mountainous country, this time it’s after Switzerland.
3. Olive Oil
Here’s another on the list that perhaps you wouldn’t have thought of, as when you think of Olive Oil production you instinctively think of Italy, but surprisingly and probably providing you with a jolt, Spain accounts for 45 percent of the world’s olive oil production with Italy and Greece combined only accounting for two thirds of that!
4. Two Surnames – and it’s not greed!
In Spain, you have two surnames each. Traditionally Spanish citizens would take the first surname from their father (their first surname) and the second from their mother (her first surname).
5. Eureka it’s Euskera
The area of northern Spain and Southern France is known as the Basque region and their native language is called Euskera. And it’s also believed to be one of the oldest spoken languages in the world. Blimey , gezurra dirudi?
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6. The Tooth Fairy
We don’t fully understand why, but Spanish children and robbed the joy of the Tooth Fairy visiting them when they loose a tooth, they actually get a visit from a small mouse named Ratoncito Perez who does the same job and visits them to exchange the tooth for a small gift. Well at least the Easter Bunny is safe; or should we say; ”Conejito de Pascua “?
7. New Year’s Tradition
It may seem odd, but the Spanish celebrate New Year with the custom of eating one grape for each toll of the bell – which is a total of 12 grapes, see we’re good at math! The custom was started by Spanish vine growers (obviously) as a way of selling their grapes although frankly we celebrate with a glass of wine which probably has twelve or more grape’s worth in it!
8. Public Nudity
Not that we’re suggesting this for your Spanish party costume theme, but if you like to whip your bits outs, head to Spain as, at the moment, there are no laws against public nudity.
9. Dirty Floor?
Another Spanish tradition that you probably won’t want to follow, but one that will help you find a good bar, the dirtier the more rubbish on the floor the better as it’s perfectly acceptable to throw things on the ground during a visit. Although we’d have to wait until we saw someone else drop something first – that’s British Reserve for you!
Spanish Bullfighting Matador Costume from Karnival Costumes
10. Let’s do Battle!
Definitely something we should leave to them, Spain is the home to a couple of the world’s craziest festivals; the first is the largest tomato fight, which is called La Tomitana. It is celebrated every year in the village of Valencia. The second, which seems an even more incredible waste to us; is the Batalla del Vino which is celebrated in Haro in the Rioja region of Spain. Every June 29, the feast day of St. Peter, the locals turn the hilltop of Riscos de Bilibio in to a battle ground for the largest wine fight. Dressed in Pamplona, all white with a red sash, there are bands playing in the streets with people singing and dancing in the street whilst they drench each other with copious amounts of red wine!
Well, maybe some of these customs will be too extreme or not suitable to be incorporated into your own Spanish themed costume party they may give you a little background into the people. So now you have a flavour of the Spanish, hopefully it will have given you some inspiration for planning your own party. And if you’re looking for even more help on planning your party; why not read our blog post on “Throwing a Spanish Themed Party”. And don’t forget to check out the range of Spanish costumes, accessories and party goods all of which will get you in the perfect mood to enjoy your party.  
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