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St Andrew’s Day Explained and Want Costumes to Choose!

Posted on 30th November 2013
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St Andrew’s Day Explained and Want Costumes to Choose!

Clown Logo of Karnival Costumes your Halloween specialists for Fancy Dress and Costume AccessoriesAcross the world, Scots celebrate their patron Saint Andrew’s day every November 30th. And it’s true that few people can celebrate as well as the Scots so St Andrews Day is usually celebrated in style!
St Andrew was a fisherman and brother of Simon Peter and he spent most of his life spreading the word of Jesus. So just how did he become the patron Saint of Scotland? Well, it appears that there are several possible explanations as to how it happened;
In the first version, we go back to the year 345, when the Emperor Constantine the Great decided to have the bones of Andrew from Patras to Constantinople. However, Saint Regulus was instructed by an angel to take many of these relics to the far northwest. He was eventually told to stop when he reached the coast of Scotland at Fife, where he founded the settlement of Saint Andrew.
Or you could have that during the 7th century, Saint Wilfrid brought some of the saint's relics with him after a pilgrimage to Rome. The King of Scotland, Angus MacFergus installed them at Saint Andrew's to enhance the prestige of the new diocese.
When the Pictish King Angus faced a large invading army, he prayed for guidance and deliverance. A white cloud in the shape of a Saltire cross floated across the blue sky above him. Angus won a decisive victory, and decreed that Andrew would be the patron saint of his country.
Following Robert Bruce's victory at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314, the Declaration of Arbroath officially named Saint Andrew the patron saint of Scotland with the Saltire becoming the national flag of Scotland in 1385.
So whatever you choose to believe, we know that you’ll be looking to celebrate St Andrews Day and take a wee dram with the Scots. And should you want to turn it into a real party, at Karnival Costumes we’ve everything you will need and we’ve a great range of themed national fancy dress and we’ve included just a few examples here – you can see the full range in our section of St Andrews Day costumes or accessories.
William Wallace costume from Karnival Costumes www.karnival-house.co.uk your dress up specialists                                   
William Wallace
Reference: AQ031114
Our William Wallace costume will have you screaming the word ‘Freedom’ at the top of your voice and you’ll probably get a real following from your fellow Scots!
Big Scots fancy dress costume for men from Karnival Costumes www.karnival-house.co.uk your dress up specialists
   Big Scot Fancy Dress Costume
   Reference: BS003296
   For those looking for a little realism in your Scots costume selection, our Big  
   Scot Fancy Dress is the perfect option including a kilt, shoulder sash with
   shot glasses, sporran, shirt, sock flashes and hat. Add a set of our working
   bagpipes as the perfect accessory.
Scottie Hottie Fancy Dress Costume
Reference: BS003297
Sexy and complete right down to those cute socks with bows and pompoms this is definitely the outfit to get any red blooded Scotsman to put down his glass. But hey you’ve got some of your own in the shoulder sash which makes this a real winner and booby dazzler!
Scottish Lady Fancy Dress Costume
Reference: BJ007391
For the lady demanding something a little more traditional, this is a Scots costume which has a longer length skirt a pretty blouse and top.
And in addition to the costume we’ve a complete range of Scotland Flags and bunting plus banners and a complete range of St Andrews Day costume accessories including Glengarry hats, Tom 'O' Shanter hats, balloons, face paints and wigs to compliment this memorable occasion.
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