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History of Batman

From his earliest adventures in comic books few characters have grabbed the attention of the public like Batman. From the humble beginnings as a comic book hero through memorable television shows and movies few characters have captured the public's imagination the way that Batman has. He has the public wanting more with the format continually being refreshed. Batman represents more than a cartoon or stylised character; he is seen as a symbolic hero fighting injustice and crime everywhere.

From the early beginnings as a comic book hero, Batman quickly outgrew this format and progressed to a highly acclaimed - and extremely entertaining - television series, and from this came the move to fully fledged movie stardom. With this growth in public recognition, branding and merchandising followed and it is now possible to purchase a number of products which feature the Batman logo in any of its forms. These products include a range of costumes and fancy dress accessories for those who want to be even more like their hero, to see the range of Batman costumes along with his villians costumes click on this link; Batman and Batgirl Costumes

Batman has an enduring appeal which could in-part be related to the formative storyline which gave rise to Batman's first appearance. The young Bruce Wayne suffered two major life-changing events during his early years. Aged six he fell terrified into a deep cavern under the grounds of Wayne Manor outside of Gotham City. Swarming with bats, Bruce remained in the cavern until his father came to rescue him but this event had a traumatic effect on him. An even more traumatic event took place before his eyes a couple of years later when both of his parents were slaughtered by an alleyway mugger as the family left a movie theatre in Gotham City. From this event grew Bruce's passion to punish all criminals and this was his oath made at his parents graveside.

Bruce was guided through his early teens, most notably by the Wayne family butler, but the passion for vengeance was strong leading the now maturing Bruce, backed by the vast Wayne family fortune to travel widely to achieve peak physical fitness and quench an almost insatiable thirst for knowledge on how to beat (both mentally and physically) wrong doers and criminals effectively.

On returning to Gotham City, Bruce soon found out that his physical and mental fitness were not enough to invoke terror into the City's evil element and that he needed something more. The solution was to be found in Bruce's own past. It is now that the famous dark blue and grey costume, complete with menacing cowl and cape, was worn for the first time and the character Batman truly came to life. With this storyline, who wouldn't side with Bruce Wayne and who wouldn't understand the drive and passion that he feels when facing wrong doers.

Although Batman has had an appeal since the early comic books it was with the television series that the world really took notice of the caped crusader and these programs, with their highly stylised and comedic approach, remain fondly remembered. And from these early successes; the comic books, the television shows and now the more recent multiple movie successes on the big screen it seems certain that Batman and his friends will continue to enjoy a bright future as well as a powerful heritage.

There is something in our psyche that forces us to love superheroes and there is no other like Batman for having the sense of righteousness combined with that sense of - almost sinister - mystery (at least as portrayed in the comic books and movie versions). Whichever format you love the most, it is clear that the comic books, television shows, movies and merchandise will continue to enjoy success. See Karnival Costumes entire range of Batman costumes along with The Joker and the Riddler fancy dress select this link: Batman, Robiin and Batgirl costumes.
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