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History of Superman

Superman is a fictional character and is probably the most famous, and popular, comic book hero of all time. He is the first real fictional superhero of modern time although many see it as if he was from a more chivalrous era. He is the creation of Siegel and Shuster who created the character of Superman in the 1930's marking his first appearance in print in Action Comics #1 published during June 1938. Since this initial outing the character of Superman has gone on to appear in comic books, radio serials, newspaper cartoon strips, television programs, blockbuster movies and more latterly video games.  And with the wealth of promotional activity, there is always a strong desire to dress like him and nowadays there are many Superman costumes catering for trick and treating as well as more general adult fancy dress and kids superhero outfits. 

From the early beginnings as a comic book hero, Superman quickly outgrew this format and progressed to a highly acclaimed and fully fledged movie stardom. With this growth in public recognition, branding and merchandising followed and it is now possible to purchase a number of products which feature the Superman logo in any of its forms. These products include a range of both mens and womens superhero costumes as well as for both boys and girls.  At Karnival Costumes we have a huge selection of these Superhero Costumes for Adults and Superman Fancy Dress for Children - just click on the appropriate link for more information on how to become more like your favourite comic book character.

Superman has had an enduring appeal from the early days - although his original persona was much darker than that portrayed following the adoption of Superman's 'Boy scout' code of conduct introduced in the 1940's which gave the character a much softer tone. This darker Superman, although not as sinister as the early Batman, handed out a much stronger justice although this was implicit rather than shown explicitly.

Born on an alien planet - later to be named Krypton, Kal-El is rocketed to Earth by his father Jor-El just moments prior to Krypton's self-destruction. Having reached Earth Kal-El is found by and later adopted by a passing farmer and his wife - John and Mary Kent. It is his adoptive parents who raise the young Kal-El, now named Clark, with his high sense of morality, compassion and justice. With Clark's maturity comes the recognition of superhuman abilities - attributed primarily to Earth's yellow sun and lower gravity - which in keeping with his upbringing, he vows to use to help others. Now Superman adopts his distinctive costume of blue under red pants and boots which is worn with a flowing red cape which, like the chest of the jumpsuit is emblazoned with the highly stylised 'S' Superman logo. 

Since his original creation, the level of Superman's powers have increased considerably from his being able to leap to being able to fly, from having a skin that could withstand anything up to an artillery shell to now being indestructible - except for the effects of Kryptonite a green mineral flung on Krypton's destruction. Exposure to Kryptonite nullifies all of Superman's special powers and if this exposure is prolonged will kill him. Lastly on any discussion of Superman's powers, who can forget the immortal phrase, coined for the 1940's radio serials which described Superman as 'faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound'.

Having become Earth's champion, Superman keeps his secret safe by adopting the persona of a mild mannered reporter on the Daily Planet newspaper in Metropolis and it is here that he becomes romantically involved with his co-worker and fellow reporter Lois Lane. There is something in our psyche that forces us to love superheroes and Superman, who has grown to become a national symbol is probably the most loved of all these characters. Whichever format you love the most, it is clear that the comic books, television shows, movies and associated merchandise will continue to enjoy huge success for years to come and the man of steel remains to this day, one of the most popular character party themes. And should a Superman costume not be the super hero fancy dress for you, we've all of your favourites and most of the enemies waiting for you in our ranges.  Adult Superhero Costumes and Kids Superhero Fancy Dress - just select the appropriate link.