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Tips for Hosting a winning Awards Show Party

Posted on 25th January 2015
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Tips for Hosting a winning Awards Show Party

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 Roll out the red carpet on Hollywood's big night with a festive get-together of your own A-list friends and family that’ll prove to be easy to do yet have maximum impact and star appeal!
When you sit down to plan your own awards show–themed celebration, your first decision will be whether you simply want to invite your guests to watch the awards ceremony on TV, watch an evening of Oscar award-nominated or prior year winning films or whether you’re just using the theme and would rather that the TV remained off! During the awards season, you’re able to put specific dates in the diary for your party, be it; The BAFTAs, Oscar Nominations or the actual Oscar Ceremony with its seemingly endless red carpet of A to D list celebrities. Alternatively, you could plan a star-studded party of your own at any time, centred on a Hollywood theme or even some of the movies themselves.

Party Invitations

Awards ceremonies of all types have raised the humble activity of opening an envelope to a new art and never has normally mundane office supplies reached such elevated heights, but for us at Karnival Costumes, we believe passionately that an invitation can be more than just the information it contains!  Designed with care they can show your guests that this will be a party that they cannot miss, after all, if you put this much effort into the invitation…
And so, courtesy of all of those famous envelope-opening sequences that have preceded the arrival of your invitations, its time for you to get creative. One thing is pretty certain, you’ll be using gold coloured envelopes if at all possible. For the invitation itself, put your home computer and printer to work preparing them. They could be cut in the shape of the Award ceremony statuette or they can be square cut using the image.  Make sure you include all of the necessary wording and for fun, why not add a few pieces of gold star or Hollywood themed party confetti?
An alternative would be to create the invitation in the style of the actual Awards Ceremony invitation ticket. You should be able to find a copy of the invitation, plus plenty of other design and style ideas, online – simply Google “Oscar Invitation” where you’ll find plenty of inspiration.
If you like the idea of games at your party, why not ask your guests to pick the award winners before the ceremony. Pick a few award categories and then list the nominations you can get all of the nominations for 2014 by followng [this link]. Your guests simply have to bring their own awards winners answer papers with them on the night and you could even give a prize for the guest with the most correct guesses – although maybe you’ll need a clear head the morning after before checking the answers!

Movie Awards Party Food

Although you could prepare a sumptuous multi-course dinner party for your party most people will be much happier with finger food, snacks and hors d'oeuvres and these will be far easier for you to prepare and serve.  This will also ensure that your guests focus more on each others company and any awards celebration that you are watching. Bite-sized treats and bowls of nibbles can be prepared in advance and if necessary, kept fresh in the refrigerator until required.  Incorporate the classic gold, black and white colour scheme on your buffet table and for your disposable tableware.
If you are planning in enjoying the celebrations live on TV, why not prepare a selection of flavoured popcorn and then serving in tall champagne flutes which will both add to the look of glamour as well as creating person sized portions. 
For your drinks, this is a night of lavish entertainment so something with a fizz will be in order.  Why not serve a nice refreshing buck’s fix as your guests arrive, not forgetting to offer sparkling water and alcohol-free drinks to those driving. For the rest of the evening you can opt for champagne if you really are pushing the boat out or stick to everyone’s favourite tipple.

Awards Party Entertainment

If you’re planning to watch the actual ceremony during your party then your TV Screen will be a focal point either wall mounted or on a stand, a big, bright TV makes for a brilliant viewing experience which can be shared by everyone in the room.  
Now I for one have to say that I find some of the awards ceremony a little boring, er, perhaps it’s better to be truthful, it’s a lot boring and during these times it’s great to have some of your own entertainment ready.  Surely other than true film fanatics is anyone really interested in the award for best sound mixing, yet alone their speech – Apologies now to all sound engineers reading this!
There are a couple of really great games to play during these times but they do take a little pre-party organisation and preparation. So start your planning early, here’s the first

Name that Famous Oscar Dress

This is a colourful and popular mystery game. It’s simple to prepare and easy to play and you can either play it as a large scale on a wall or make it a printed out game which can be handed out to each player.
You’ll need to research and find about a dozen red carpet pictures of actresses and then cover their faces with gold stars or something similar.  Once assembled, your guests will need to identify the actress and for an extra point, the movie they were nominated or received an Oscar for.  These answers should be written on their answer sheet and then totalled having had 15 minutes or so game time.

Name Famous Film Quote

Although this sounds like a simple game to put together, it actually takes a reasonable amount of research, so start preparing once you’ve completed your invitations. You’ll need to uncover about a dozen memorable and well known movie quotes and your guests will need to provide the answer of which film they cam from. You can award extra points for naming the character, actor/actress etc. Here’s a few quotes and the movies they cam from for you to start with:
  1. I’ll get you my pretty, and your little dog too!  The Wizard of Oz
  2. ET phone home  ET
  3. Open the pod bay doors, Hal  Space Odessy 2001
  4. Think ya used enough dynamite there, Butch?  Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
  5. You can’t handle the truth  A Few Good Men
  6. I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse  The Godfather
  7. I wish I knew how to quit you  Brokeback Mountain
  8. We rob banks Bonnie and Clyde
  9. You had me at hello Jerry Maguire
  10. Here’s looking at you kid Casablanca
  11. Rosebud Citizen Cane
  12. Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn  Gone with the Wind
  13. Off the record, on the QT and very hush hush LA Confidential
  14. Greed is good    Wallstreet
  15. I’m the king of the world! Titanic
Award Party Decoration
As already touched on, this is a night of the stars – A-listers that is, not the twinkle twinkle variety, and therefore we think that your guest’s experience should start before they reach your door.  Invest in an affordable length of red carpet matting which they can walk down to get a little of the feel of what it must be like to do it for real.  If your path is dark, how about using some solar powered garden lights or even some bagged tea lights left over from Halloween. For that finishing touch, add cardboard cut out silhouettes of some paparazzi, or make your own cutting the shape from large flattened cardboard boxes painted black on both sides. At the door you could incorporate either a cardboard cut out Oscar or Awards Party Welcome Board with which your guests can be photographed. Using the right technology, you could even stream these images as they are taken into your party area (and the wider world) using Wi-Fi and a computer linked to your TV.
Inside your party area, we would suggest the classic black and white colour scheme with splashes of gold. This can easily be accomplished with balloons and through your disposable tableware where you can use more white items to reduce the overall cost. Don’t forget to sprinkle some Hollywood Party Confetti around to ensure that every surface gets a sprinkling of glamour.
There are also some readily available Hollywood themed decorations that you could easily include.  How about some fake movie cameras and screen clapper boards, these are only a few pounds but they will instantly add to the atmosphere. Another is to find either some old movie magazines to scatter around or if your stuck, print out a few movie magazine covers and stick these to any periodical you may have around after all it’s the atmosphere you’re after not creating a library!
How about adding some Hollywood stars to the floor like they have along Hollywood Boulevard? Again these are readily available and you can even personalise them with your own name or the names of your guests. There are also plenty of black and gold decorations which will immediately fit into this theme along with other Awards Night specific decorations for adding that final touch of glamour to the walls,
For a clever twist on decorations, supplement gold balloons and gold confetti with inexpensive gift-wrap gold ribbon or lots of curled gold balloon ribbon which is a much cheaper alternative.  To complete the look, you can even add some Hollywood inspired cut outs and cinema popcorn boxes.
With so many ideas and with these products being readily available there really is no reason not to have a great party and enjoy the Oscars with the rest of us who have been overlooked by the organising committee when they sent the invitations out! 
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