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Toffee Apple Onions

Posted on 25th July 2014
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Halloween Prank Toffee Apple Onions

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Although we would include this as a spectacular Halloween prank, it’s such a howler that you’ll want to use it other times of the year.  A nasty little prank, well if you’re the one being pranked – to the rest of us, especially those in the know, it’s a sheer joy and one where you need to learn the art of controlling your laughter otherwise all of the glares and tares will be aimed rightly at you!

The innocent Toffee Apple is a summer treat of long standing and it’s synonymous with the lengthening shadows of autumn leading us to the celebrations of Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night. And, as we all know Halloween is the time of year for pranks so this one is an obvious trick idea for you to explore at this time of the year. 
Once they are covered in either toffee or chocolate, it’s pretty hard to tell the difference between an onion and an apple. That is, until you bite into it! So first, select ‘apple’ size and round onions, these should be should be as near perfectly round as possible so that they resemble an apple. Trim the tops and bottoms so they look less ‘oniony’ and then cover them with enough toffee solution, better caramel direct or toffee and when cooled, chocolate so that no-one can tell that they’re not apples. Then insert a lolly stick or toffee apple stick into one end.  Seal this with a little more of the covering to prevent the distinctive onion smell getting out and then allow them to set as normal. 

Now learn to control that laughter ‘cos you’re ready for the fun part to begin when someone takes a bite.  

Now if it’s your party and you provided all of the food, then it’s pretty sure that the prank will be easily traced back to you, but if you allow your guests to each bring something to add to the table and you introduce these during the night, then you might just get away with it. Alternatively, you could wrap them in cellophane and then hand them out to trick or treaters, but then you’ll both be responsible for some real heartbreak, yet alone heartburn, plus some parents just might not see the funny side, nope, best share with friends!
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